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Bow carrier utv
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Tjw 07-Aug-18
drycreek 07-Aug-18
johnw 07-Aug-18
From: Tjw
Teryx 4 I need a safe way to transport my bow. Thanks Tjw

From: drycreek
I usually just leave mine in a soft case, a fairly substantial one, and lay it in the bed of my Ranger or on the back deck of my golf cart, but then I don't have a lot of rough stuff to traverse either. I have a pair of those Y shaped bow holders on one cart, but I never use them. Don't like the way they work.

From: johnw
If I have to use the ATV I put my bow in a hard case then tie it to the front rack with ratchet straps. Downside is having to take the quiver off each time to put it in the case. This year I bought a pack bow holder and will probably just keep it on there for the ride.

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