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Slick Trick Magnum vs Vipertrick for elk
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thardardt 07-Aug-18
cnelk 07-Aug-18
CObowhunter 07-Aug-18
Pyrannah 07-Aug-18
JTV 07-Aug-18
Elkmeat 07-Aug-18
squid 07-Aug-18
smarba 07-Aug-18
smurph 07-Aug-18
JTreeman 07-Aug-18
butcherboy 07-Aug-18
Trial153 07-Aug-18
spike78 07-Aug-18
92python 07-Aug-18
APauls 07-Aug-18
BOHUNTER09 07-Aug-18
From: thardardt
Going elk hunting in September. Shooting a Matthews Triax at 60#. Like the extra cutting diameter of the magnum but want to make sure I get enough penetration which is why i am considering the vipertrick. Any advice on which would be a better broadhead?

From: cnelk
I bet Charlie is gonna say ‘Iron Will’ :)

From: CObowhunter
I would suggest the wicked trick then. It's a beefed up viper trick with a 1 1/4" cutting diameter. Shot some this weekend and must say I am really impressed.

From: Pyrannah
i'm planning to run the standards.. i know they will penetrate a ton, they fly super straight and the are pretty darn strong..

that said, i'm gonna buy a pack of magnums for comparison purposes just to see...

I've seen a lot of people using the magnum on elk though...

Either way good luck man and i hope you get a chance to see how they actually perform!

From: JTV
ViperTrick is the best flying head Ive used out the the Slick arsenal other than the now discontinued RazorTrick ... if you want a larger COC cut, as said, go with the WickedTrick (1 1/8" x 1 1/4" ) ... I was making my own up before Slick got on to it themselves .... but, with only 60lbs, I'd stay with the original ViperTrick .... the Viper is and has been my go to head for several years now ...

From: Elkmeat
I’ve used both and killed elk with both and honestly it’s a toss up. Blood trail depends on shot placement. Both fly identical for me, and my arrow weight is just over 500 grains so either of them has plenty of penetrating momentum. Hit a rib dead on with a magnum and still had a full pass through and stuck in the dirt. Had a Viper make a full pass through and then nailed a down tree hard after. If your running a lighter arrow or draw weight then the Vipers may offer a better penetration factor. Can’t go wrong either way. As usual which ever is most accurate out of your set up should be a deciding factor. This year I’m set up to run my 125 Vipers with the grizztrick bleeders, so that I can have a 125gr+ WickedTrick since ST only offered the 100gr this year. Good luck.

From: squid
Many years ago I met the founder of Slick Trick, Gary Cooper at a outdoor show. He recommended to me that Magnums were for thinner skinned big game animals and suggested standards for elk. It seemed counter intuitive to me at first, but I heeded his advice. Since that time I have exclusively used standards and killed several elk, all with great results. Last two elk I blew through with standards and never found the arrows. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the ST heads though.

From: smarba
Can't go wrong, but my vote is Viper. I've used both Magnum & Viper, but shoot 125s.

From: smurph
Standards for me, eight years now and haven't used anything I like better for elk.

From: JTreeman
I shoot 125 Viper Tricks. I think they are one of the best heads out there. Hard to go wrong with slick tick though.


From: butcherboy
I shot two elk with the 125 magnums. Both stopped on the other side when they tried to punch through the skin. I was shooting around 520 grains total and 70#. Never hit a bone. I believe the wide angle and short profile actually hinder the penetration on big animals. The standard or ViperTrick would have been a much better choice. I now shoot a 450 grain arrow broadhead combo but the broadhead is a single bevel two blade. Blew through the shoulder blade and out the other side on the bull I killed last year.

From: Trial153
Viper trick for sure

From: spike78
An archery shop near me has been sitting on Razor Tricks for years they can’t get rid of them.

From: 92python
I am going with the ViperTricks for my Elk Hunt. Both are good. I got a bull with a ViperTrick a few years ago and have also shot an 8 pt whitetail with one. I have had really good luck with the Mags on a dozen or so whitetails as well but never tried them on elk. I bought the Viper Tricks a few years ago for my first elk hunt and got one so I think it would be bad karma to change for no reason. They are dead on with my field points out to 50 yards right now. Very forgiving fixed blade head that penetrates well.. I just stropped up all my ViperTricks last night with some leather and stropping paste. All set for September but I have a month to wait.

From: APauls
If you miss the lungs with the Vipers chances are the magnums would have missed as well ;)

Just got 8 new viper tricks today. Leaving for Colorado August 23

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