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Whip 07-Aug-18
greg simon 07-Aug-18
StickFlicker 07-Aug-18
drycreek 07-Aug-18
patience2spare 07-Aug-18
sitO 07-Aug-18
Treeline 07-Aug-18
sitO 07-Aug-18
dirtclod Az. 07-Aug-18
Ermine 08-Aug-18
Charlie Rehor 08-Aug-18
hoytshooter1 08-Aug-18
Rock 08-Aug-18
RD 08-Aug-18
Bowfreak 08-Aug-18
From: Whip
If you were limited to choosing 6-8 hours per day that you could spend in a blind what would your choice be? Daybreak to noon? Mid morning to mid afternoon? Or mid afternoon until dark? Obviously for hard core guys the correct answer is all of the above. And we might pull an all dayer or two. But this trip has trout fishing and visiting old friends on tap as well, so what would b your choice be if you wanted to maximize what time you have available to spend in the blind?

From: greg simon
Middle of the day

From: StickFlicker
In my state of Arizona, thunderstorms are more likely to occur in the afternoons during that time of year, so mornings would be my choice.

From: drycreek
I never claimed to be hardcore, but all my sits were from dark to dark, or from dark to shot.

My experience with antelope has been that midday when I expected them to water, they stood or bedded on the highest ridges around for both optimal vantage point and to allow those WY winds to help cool them. All the while, I sat there absolutely baking in my blind down beside the water.

For me, I'd hunt the first 6 to 8 and then get out of the blind by about 2.

From: sitO

From: Treeline
Gonna try for a first and kill one from a blind this year...

Have lacked patience in the past and got out to chase them down.

Has worked on more than a few. Just want to hammer a big one this year with my longbow so will try to keep my wits about me while cooking in that hot blind!

Gonna sit and pound those little Debbie snacks all day if that’s what it takes!

From: sitO
Good luck man, hope you stick a good'n!

From: dirtclod Az.
Stick,AZ. boy I don't know what a blind is.My last ex-wife?Sneak and Peek.Nighty,Night termite!

From: Ermine
Evening. I have seen the most antelope water late afternoon to evening. Often right before dark

Sounds like we’re all over the place. If there’s lots of Lopes around and dry I’m in first light to 11am. That said I much prefer to sit all day. Good luck! C

From: hoytshooter1
I sit all day... my experience is that the best times are from 10 - 2. They get real thirsty in that mid-day heat. Just my observations

From: Rock
I have shot them at first light, last light and every hour in between so I sit all day.

From: RD
My experience has been if you get seen going to or leaving the blind on foot it's pretty much over. We hunt all day unless there's nothing around. I've shot more in the morning and mid-day.

From: Bowfreak
I was amazed at how early some of them watered. I had a few bucks water before legal shooting light on my first trip to WY.

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