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Excessive arrow length. Yay or Nay?
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Fuzz 08-Aug-18
LINK 08-Aug-18
Brotsky 08-Aug-18
Buck Watcher 08-Aug-18
smarba 08-Aug-18
spike78 08-Aug-18
beckerbulldog 08-Aug-18
JTV 08-Aug-18
x-man 08-Aug-18
Hunting5555 14-Aug-18
JTV 14-Aug-18
From: Fuzz
After years of passive target archery participation, my 17 yr old daughter has really been shooting a lot this summer. She's definetly shooting well and is looking forward to finally hunting deer with a bow. She'll be shooting 40 lb and using a coc broadhead. (I'm sure she's done growing height wise)

My question: Her CX arrows are about 3 inches too long. Should I go ahead and cut them down to fit correctly or leave them xtra long to increase the KE. I have an arrow saw so it's not a hassle to cut them , but I was thinking the extra weight would be a good thing.

Any thoughts?

Thanks! Fuzz

From: LINK
I’ve never been bothered by having a few extra inches. ;) Seams like most guys here want them cut 1/2” past the rest.

From: Brotsky
Fuzz, my daughter has a short draw length but for many years we had a minimum arrow length rule here in SD so her arrows stuck out a long way from her riser. It was never an issue for her. As long as the arrow has the correct spine and is flying well out of her set-up then there is no need to tinker.

From: Buck Watcher
If they shoot well with BHs I would leave them. IMO the extra weight is a plus.

From: smarba
Ditto, I always have mine about 2" longer than needed. I don't see any difference in point of impact and if/when I miss target/passthrough and the end of the arrow gets split from the insert, I can slice off 1/2"-1" install a new insert and arrow is still long enough. I see no reason to cut them shorter for your daughter.

From: spike78
You can also risk making the spine too stiff so I’d keep it as is. I have the same issue with my new bow and can cut 2” off but I figure I’d rather not run the risk just for a foot or two more fps.

Thanks, I was going to start a thread on this very subject. I'm was shooting light arrows to get as much speed as I could out of my bow. I shoot and Elite hunter, 55 lbs and a 25-1/2" DL. I shoot rage bh (I know 80% of the people here hate them, but it leaves a blood trail that Stevie Wonder could follow) but I never get a pass through. So I switched to carbon express pile driver arrows and went to 27" arrow length. Haven't notice any change in arrow flight, just needed to adjust pins on sight. My bow is nearly silent now!

From: JTV
Mine are always cut so they are 1-1.5" in front of the rest, esp with a capture type of a rest, Biscuit or a Rip Cord Ace, etc... longer arrows could be weaker, cutting shorter will stiffen them .. Ive never like excess length in my arrows, the exception being traditional bows with them being past the front because if the BH. Now with "capture" style of rests on compounds that is not a problem with shorter lengths...... 30" draw length, 28" arrow, this is where I look for the correct spine and choose from...

From: x-man
The extra length isn't going to "hurt" anything unless the spine is on the weak side. If they fly well now, there is no reason to cut them. Having said that, cutting them won't "hurt" anything either. I like to keep my broadheads at least an inch in front of the riser for safety reasons, I do not have a full containment rest.

From: Hunting5555
Like x-man said, best to keep the broadhead out in front of the riser an inch or two for safety. Years ago when overdraws were all the rage to shoot, a guy around here was shooting at a deer and made the mistake of spreading his fingers out as he shot. Broadhead almost removed an inch of his finger for him.....

From: JTV
that is not needed with todays capture type of rests as I stated above ..... no need to go long unless it is a spine issue, the correct arrows should have been chosen in the first place ..

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