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Elk Tip #3
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From: elkstabber
Frequently we find ourselves hunting elk that aren't screaming. You may have found a fresh trail through a defined saddle with elk sign going both ways. Or, you may have found a waterhole that's been getting hit regularly and the weather is hot and dry. Sometimes, you might find a bull that is in a stalkable position.

In the situation where conditions are ideal for an ambush or a stalk the best thing you is can do is NOT BLOW ON AN ELK CALL. There will be many times in the elk woods that a hunter is better off being quiet, patient, and stealthy.

From: elkstabber

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Chuck Adams knows a few things about elk. His largest bull was the P&Y world record for a while.

From: Jaquomo
Yep, lots of encounters are blown and lots of elk are educated by people who think they have to blow on some sort of elk call to kill elk.

My 8 biggest bulls have been killed by staying quiet, sneaking in, and shooting them.

I too like being quiet and stalking to with in 40 yards or less.

Good input Curt/Lou

Good luck, Robb

From: Bowboy
Yep, most of my bulls were taken by being quiet. Yes calling does work at the right time and place. If their talking on there own why let them know your around.

From: ElkNut1
Terrain dictates whether calling is needed on a vocal bull. There's no way to slip in on a bugler when you have thick downfall, brush & willows between you & him. In those situations you need to bring him to you!

In more open country or terrain where stalking is possible no doubt staying silent along with unlimited patience can be the key to a close encounter! Too, some ambush elk at destination spots but that's a different story! -- Personally I do not want to hunt Elk like Deer, if for the most part I wasn't calling elk I wouldn't have nearly the passion for the hunt if I mainly tried sneaking in on them or sitting water, there's times for that but rare for me! Calling bulls in close is the ultimate adrenaline rush even at 63!


From: elkstabber

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Zach Bowhay kills some beautiful bulls. He rarely calls for them.

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