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From: longsprings
Looking for a good consultant for booking hunts. Have not been totally satisfied with present consultant I have used.

From: Junior
I don't trust any of them, my advice is do your own research. Search Outfitter reports on different forums to start.

From: TravisScott
Pm sent

From: Waterfowler
I've had pretty good luck with Outdoor Adventure Specialists. Chris is a great guy to work with.

From: Buffalo1
Neil Summers owner of Bowhunting Safari Consultants is the real. He is a straight shooter and very knowledgeable of bowhunting operations.

From: Bou'bound
I trust bsc totally.

From: EIStone
I have good luck with both BSC and Bow and Arrow Adventures.

From: Dale06
I have had mixed results with them, including those mentioned above.

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
I used SSO Stick and String Outfitters Matt Burrows set me up good, on great Utah lion hunt.

From: Trial153
Has SSO website been updated? Looks like some of the prices and write ups are pretty dated. BSC has great reputation, I know several guys that have used them numerous time. That said of late I have also been given less then stellar reviews on couple of hunts they recommended. One thing is certain then booking agency market is fairly saturated. Do a search and you can come up with 20 of them.

Scott Alberta is great and a bowsite (BNAA) sponsor. Used him on a bear hunt and he was great. thanks,

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