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Best rain gear for Sept. High country
Mule Deer
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Looking for a rain suit for a high country hunt . Must be quite. Not to worried about price. What have you used and liked or disliked? Thanks

From: Michael
The quietest I have used is Cabelas MT 050. However after the wet sept CO had in ‘13. I learned I did not want to pack that around in the mountains. It takes for ever to dry, it’s bulky and on the heavy side of rain gear.

Since then I have went to Cabelas space rain. It’s very light, packs down small and drys quick. The 3 qualities I look at the most for mountain hunting. Quiet was put down the list on wants when it comes to rain gear.

From: Glunt@work
Space Rain is what I use. If its raining hard, noise isn't an issue. Usually only take the jacket unless a big rain is expected.

From: Jaquomo
Space Rain

Space Rain x4

From: fisherick
Space Rain x5. 1st set is 14 years old and has NO rips, tears etc. Just bought new set this spring on sale.

Wow. Thanks for the advice all. I will check it out!!

From: Jims
I would recommend Sitka or Kuiu! Both have lifetime warrantees. Make sure your jacket has pitzips or you will get wet from the inside out. If you are pinched for cash I would recommend Marmot Precip. I've bought several from Sierra Trading for around $40 each.

I’ve got a Sitka Dewpoint jacket and Poseidon Kryptek pants.

I can stand in the shower and not get wet.

Dewpoint jacket is sweet. The pit zips tied into the pockets is super smart.

From: Geno
Space rain for me too. Stayed dry in snow and rain in Montana last year while elk hunting.

From: joehunter
Space rain for always carrying. Light and easy to put on in a hurry. You will carry it with you. More durable heavy rain gear biggest down fall is that when you need it you won't have it because you left it back at the truck or camp.

From: Hessticles
What's the best kuiu for September high country?

From: Deerplotter
Space Rain. On sale now Cabela’s

From: elkmtngear
Space Rain, and my Umbrella !

From: Treeline
I have the KUIU Chugatch and Space Rain gear. Space rain is great for the storms we get in Colorado but not overly tough. Have shredded sets on horseback. The KUIU stuff is definitely better made, but neither is super quiet. I think the Yukon stuff is quieter than the Chugatch.

From: Bou'bound
Yukon is much tougher heavier and more expensive. I have both and they are different enough to have each. you could live in Yukon even if not raining,

From: Trial153
Dew point jacket and pants

From: elkmo
space rain

From: kota-man
Sitka Dewpoint is the best “lightweight” rain gear I’ve used.

From: PoudreCanyon
I bought the first lite vapor stormlight jacket and stormtight pants this summer in preparation for my mountain goat hunt. Haven’t had them out in a real soaker yet but they’re stout in construction and stupid lightweight and packable. Pricey but you get what you pay for.

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