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Elk Tip #5
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ElkNut1 11-Aug-18
From: ElkNut1

Calling Before Daylight!

This is a great subject & more powerful than first imagined! Here are a few additional benefits to this strategy!

#1 - Bugling an hour or so before daylight up to an hour after is a great way to locate bulls. This can be done from roads, trails, etc. Now you have quickly found bulls, get to them & apply a strategy that fits their mood, not your mood!

#2 - When you hear a bugle prior to daylight it's generally a real elk & not a hunter!

#3 - Locating elk early a.m. means you located their feeding area! Elk are herd animals so there's generally a few around even if only one is heard.

#4 - If during your hunt elk are not talking much during daytime but you can get them to bugle while dark then focus on those feeding areas. There will be trails going to leaving feeding & heading to bedding areas, find them mid morning or midday while elk are gone & you have no chance of spooking them. Once there check out the area you heard their sounds; there's a good chance you will now find what attracted them there such as water-hole, feed, wallow, etc. -- Be prepared to sit those trails that elk are using coming & going. Get there before daylight & these un-harassed elk should be moving from feeding to bedding it's a great time to be silent & await their departure. This could be just as good an hour or two before dark as they filter back into their feeding area by these trails! Watch wind direction & position yourself so you're undetected during your ambush!

#5 - Elk will use these same areas year after year, make a note of it on your topos! It's a great way to find multiple feeding areas & learning your area intimately for future years!

Who here has tried this?


From: Treeline

Stop it, already Paul! You are giving away all the secrets!

From: Coyote 65
Around midnight. Often you can let out one bugle and multiple bulls answer. Then just shut up and pinpoint their locations as they continue talking to each other.


From: ElkNut1
Tavis, the best is yet to come Ha Ha! No need for you to worry, you're an Elk Killer!

Terry, yes I've spent a few midnight runs running the roads, I now prefer an hour or so before daylight, heck I need my sleep! Geez I must be getting older or smarter, not sure which! -- Have you found that when found at midnight or so that the elk are still in the same vicinity come morning? Thanks!


From: Paul@thefort
1. I have learned NOT to cow call during this dark time as I have had bulls come in silently.

2. Take a compass along and read the direction the bull sounds are coming from if you locate one in the dark

From: welka
We do it every year at 3am at 9 different spots. Sometimes we even park the car right in the middle of the herd. Never bothers them at night. We note where we hear bugles and then take a little snooze until right before daylight and set up. When you only have 6 days and never know where the groups might be, it gives you a little edge. Just need to quiet when you leave and not wake everyone else up!

From: ElkNut1
Thanks guys, good points!

Paul, I agree on the cow calling. I've done it & got away with it but shy away from it these days plus they aren't far enough reaching as a high note bugle is! Thanks!


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