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New elk arrow help!
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Sling Shot 09-Aug-18
cnelk 09-Aug-18
JTreeman 09-Aug-18
wyobullshooter 09-Aug-18
oldgoat 09-Aug-18
Ucsdryder 09-Aug-18
Treeline 09-Aug-18
4blade 10-Aug-18
carcus 10-Aug-18
12yards 10-Aug-18
ElkNut1 10-Aug-18
Russell 10-Aug-18
From: Sling Shot
I just purchased some Beman ICS Precision Hunter arrows and I have two options. These are 340 shafts using 125gr heads. The only difference is the brass insert. 1: Weight 500gr and a FOC 16% 2: 550gr 20% FOC. I am shooting a 67lb bow with 29 inch arrows. Which arrow should I use?

From: cnelk
Eeny meeny miny mo should work

From: JTreeman
No way eeny meeny miny mo is gonna work in this situation. Only reliable way to decide is a coin flip!


I say flip ’em both in the air. Whichever one sticks in the ground, go with it.

From: oldgoat
Heavy one if it flies good, use hot melt, glue up three of each and see which ones group better at your farthest distance you want to shoot! Let the arrows decide!

From: Ucsdryder
I think it’s always a balance of speed and weight. What speeds are you getting with each? Are you happy with the lower speeds of the heavier arrow? If not, go slightly lighter. I like 275fps and with my setup that equates to a 550 grain arrow.

From: Treeline
Both will work just fine. Go with whichever ones you think are prettier:-)

From: 4blade
i would shoot one of each bare shaft to 30 yards and go with the one that flew straightest and was closest to what I was aiming at

From: carcus
I shoot a 480 gr arrow at 70 pounds, I like 270-280 fps, faster gets finicky. Last year while practicing a heavier 125 or 150 gr tip got put on one of my arrows instead of my usual 100gr, I was surprised at how low that arrow was impacting at 40 yards and out. If you like to shoot a little distance say no to over 500gr, unless you have a 32" draw and you shooting 80 pounds. Its a balance like mentioned above

From: 12yards
I'd go with option 1 because I think option 2 is underspined for you. Option 1 is borderline.

From: ElkNut1
The 500 grain one between those two. Your FOC is what I shoot & it blows through elk with zero issues. I'm at 425 grains of total arrow weight with 200 grains up front, it's fast & a penetrating monster.

What is the weight of your insert?


From: Russell
Why not shoot the lighter one? Should shoot a bit flatter, providing a little range error forgiveness.

Test shooting them from 45 yards to see which one drops the least? (I would hope the 500 g wins)

500 grn is my choice.. I shoot a 487 grns with 13% FOC..... But it really comes down to which one groups better with broadheads.

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