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Water torture....
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From: jordanathome
Would be preferable to waiting out the last 2 weeks of the season. Prolly not but feels like it.

And I am not even hunting elk the first week, helping my friends in an area I only hold a deer tag. And see way more elk than deer here. And I am so excited I can hardly function. I am a mess. Going in to cache some goodies for them and check cams this weekend. Hope to take long distance pics of the candidates as well. Last trip in until I set up camp the weds/thurs before opener.


From: oldgoat
I'm behind on everything except gear bought, wish it was a couple weeks farther out!

From: Surfbow
I have to wait until about 4 days into the season before I can go, I'm already getting jittery...

From: Castle Oak
I feel your pain. I was on cruise control with my physical prep and it all came to a screeching halt on Wednesday. Skin cancer diagnosis with surgery and a dermatologist that told me to lay off for a week to let my arm heal. The dang clock was already moving too slow.

From: SBH
The last month is always brutal Lou.

I love that your still this amped, thats encouraging. I keep wondering if this excitement will fade over time but every year it seems to be building!

My countdown app reads 21 days 11 hours 10 mins and 6 secs until MT opener as I write this. Trying to lock things down at work, finish up my honey do list at home and make sure all is set cause once that date hits.....I'm useless to the world.

From: Brotsky
32 days and a wake up. It's practically tomorrow for you guys! Ha!

From: Lark Bunting
Tore something on the top of my shoulder shooting a tournament a few weeks ago and I am wishing I had about an extra month to heal up before the season. Sucks. I can shoot about 2-3 arrows right now...#4 causes me to not be able to sleep on my right side.

I am icing, heating, Ibuprofen-ing and resting it as much as possible.

On top of that, the other adult that I was planing on hunting with is not hunting this year. I am hoping like crazy I can get my son to join me for 6 nights backpacked in. We will have provisions at the truck as well this year just in case but 6 nights is a spell.

My son's string and cables arrived yesterday so I need to get those installed at the shop and have them set it all up to him. Also, school began today which has added a new element of stress for all.

Worst case, I have taken off from Aug 30 - Sept 5 and I will be up hunting solo. Really nervous about the possibility of taking an elk solo.

From: jordanathome
dammit Tom! PM sent

From: Whocares
The elk won't know you're solo! Good luck healing that shoulder though! Bummer.

From: Dale06
I have a shorter time frame. Headed to Fairbanks next Sunday for a grizz hunt. It’s a “blind” hunt over a salmon stream.

From: Bake
I leave in 17 1/2 hours for snow sheep in Russia. . . . Had a trial this morning, got caught up after lunch. Now I'm just waiting . . . . .

It's gone really quick because I've been so busy, but the next 18 hours are gonna drag on :)

Leave tomorrow, won't actually start hunting until the 16th :) Takes a while to get there apparently

From: jordanathome
Have fun! WOWZA!

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