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From: David A.
After investigating some of the negative reviews (more positive than negative), I decided not to consider hunting with IMB Outfitters/Monster Bucks. I then received this link in an email from Darrin: http://www.imbmonsterbucks.com/the-truth-about-hunting-reviews.html


From: Fuzz
Huh!... that's interesting stuff and something to think about. It always amazes me how low people will go to make themselves look better and/or defame their competition.

From: grubby
Kind of goes back to "don't believe everything you read online"

From: Smtn10PT
I'd question his percentages as always, and I've often wondered what outdoor awards have they won? Ive never heard of outdoor awards for outfitters? Maybe I've been living under a rock?

From: BTM
I'm curious what legal action resulted from the competitor's slander and libel. If someone unfairly trashed me like that, I'd go after them big time.

From: Pyrannah
Hunt public ground or with friends on their private ground.. there are a lot of crooks out there and I have been soured on the whitetail and elk guides..

DIY man... make it happen with your own skills, it’s ok to fail or to not shoot a booner..

Good luck on all your hunts and have fun

From: Pat Lefemine
Look at our reviews and decide for yourself if they are fraudulent or not. Ask Shiloh ranch, or any of the outfitters who consistently get excellent reviews if they are fraudulent.

The site they referenced was not run like our reviews were run. So I can’t comment on their validity. But we send a notice to every outfitter when we receive a review and it’s rare to get one that believes it was fraudulent. They will often dispute the review and we will post their rebuttal verbatim.

Two weeks ago we got a very negative review where the person would not post their real name. That review was deleted. There are plenty of internet reviews that are credible and I believe ours is one of them.

From: Trial153
Bow site reviews been spot on for me. It’s been an excellent resource. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the review process here.

From: sticksender
The posted "article" reads more like an advertisement, full of superlatives, self-aggrandizement and exaggerations. Like: "After several weeks of research my legal team determined over 96% of all hunt reviews seen online are fraudenlent". (I assume the author means "fraudulent"). In any case, that article alone reduces the chance I'd consider booking with him.

From: Rocky D
I personally don’t know IMB but have a friend that joined early on and has killed excellent animals with them. Sometimes as these groups grow their quality assurance goes down but he says that it’s the best investment that he has made.

From: jdee
Bowsite reviews no doubt are the best when it comes to hunting . If you've been a member here for very long you can tell if some of these reviews are legit because of who is posting them. If I am thinking about hunting with an outfitter I look here first to see what anyone has to say about them not someplace I have never heard of before. The planning always starts right here.

From: David A.
What's fascinating is under the reviews for IMB Monster Bucks most of the reviews are 5 stars but more than several are one star...

From: Bou'bound
I get the guys point but he exaggerate for effect and does not bathe himself in glory either. He looks kind of bad too. Just how he positions it and such

From: Franklin
I had a terrible experience many years ago with IMB at their home base....in particular with Darrin. I believe what ever success is achieved on hunts has zero to do with his management. I wouldn`t hunt with his outfit for free.

From: 1boonr
These statistics are based on the hunters account. They are almost always exaggerated. Who wants to be the hunter in camp that didn’t see anything when everybody else is? Ten years ago any idiot hunting my property could have had this type of success but the deer hunting has since went in the toilet and I see no way that an outfitter has been able to keep it going. One way to tell would be to check at the current trail cam pictures. In the past these outfits would show you dozens of different mature bucks. A lot less pictures now. The Illinois deer classic wasn’t cancelled because they had to measure too many bucks.

From: Houseworm
I agree with Franklin, wouldn’t hunt there for free. Me and a good hunting buddy went there a few years ago and it wasn’t anything like they said. Didn’t show us any trail pics of what we might see, said area we were hunting had not been hunted but when getting to stand it had been hunted all week. Out of 20 people there only three killed deer and and two other shooters were seen but not shot at. Darrin never came by to talk to any of us either but he may have been with another bunch. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Do your diligent research....and do more. Make phone calls and talk to hunters who have been there. One thing is for certain, if you do nothing, do the hunt and have a terrible hunt, it really comes back to you. And yes, please stay away from Illinois, there are no big bucks left. :) Best of luck to you.

From: Predator
IMB is a train wreck of an outfitter. You'd have to be nuts or clueless to go there. They prey on the clueless and every year get a bunch of guys in camp who don't know any better and then it's too late. Stay away from them!

From: Topgun 30-06
Over the years I've read a lot more negative comments on the net about IMB than I have positive ones and I think Predator made an excellent post as to who they're making 95% of their money from! Just read their main page and that introduction has so much BS in it like winning outfitter awards that it's ludicrous!

From: Mule Power
No doubt there are many valid positive outfitter reports. But consider their worth because often times luck plays a role in a hunters perception of whether or not the outfitter did their job. On the flip side there are lots of negative reports from hunters who were either out of their element or just flat out couldn’t handle the hunt they booked. Can you imagine if outfitters posted hunter reports? Oh Lord.

From: obeRON
I have hunted with them twice. Never again. Darrin is a slimeball, used car salesman type a guy! After complaining after the first bad experience he offered us a really cheap pre-rut hunt that was awful as well. 30-40 guys in camp each time, everyone gets put in whatever stand, no attention to the wind. You also hunted stands that have been pressured by guys in camp that week and on earlier hunts. For the 2 hunts (all around the rut) I was there in back to back years 2 bucks where killed. My second year there he had a film crew in (don't remember who they were) but they were stating he would have all the sets setup for a camera man. They left after the first day and didn't come back.

From: Chief 419
I made the mistake of hunting with them in Iowa years ago. I wouldn't hunt with them again if they paid me. IMB is all about the numbers. If the camp will hold 20 hunters, that's how many will be in camp very week of the season. If you aren't the first group in camp, you'll be hunting behind someone else. There are much better outfitters for whitetail hunts in the Midwest.

From: Mule Power
Hadley Creek? Lol

From: Franklin
"obeRON".....it`s funny you mentioned the "wind". When I complained to Darrin about the stand setups for bowhunting he said...."well if you are a wind nut".....lmao. I almost fell out of my chair when he said that to a bowhunter.

From: Slate

From: gobbler
I forfeited a 500 dollar deposit for an Iowa hunt a few years ago with them after hearing some bad news. Went with another outfitter and had a great hunt despite Deer numbers being low because of EHD. Going back next year .

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