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OnX Download Resolution
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midwest 10-Aug-18
Brotsky 10-Aug-18
backcountrymuzzy 10-Aug-18
WapitiBob 10-Aug-18
From: midwest
For you guys using OnX off grid, at what resolution are you downloading your maps? High, medium, or low? Any reason to use higher res than the medium?

From: Brotsky
I always use medium. It has sufficient detail for me without taking forever to download and loading up the phone's memory.

For the areas I go to frequently I use the high res. It's probably unnecessary but if you aren't short on storage its no big deal. If I'm scouting out a new spot I always use medium just so it doesn't take forever to cover the area. The low res option is good for capturing all the unit borders and unit numbers, but for detailed terrain it is useless.

From: WapitiBob
always hi res

It can take a while, I'll have about 60 maps for my hunt area.

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