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sausage pork substiute
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From: DonVathome
Fiance allergic to pork anything besides beef fat you recommend to mix in with burger and sausage?

From: jordanathome
olive oil.........chicken or turkey.......

This is not related to your question whatsoever, just a random fact and an admission of idiocy. Up until right now when I open this thread and saw you guy's names one on top the other, I thought you were the vathome brothers/father-son. It took until this situation for me to realize that there's no V in Jordan's handle and at home is two different words and not one last name……...

From: Dyjack
I rarely mix fat into my venison grind. Just let it be!

From: Bill Obeid
Try fine couscous. It has been a great addition to my ground turkey. I haven’t tried it with other meats. But, it adds moisture and texture without fat.

Lol stick... random.

From: KHunter
add nothing. not needed. olive oil when cooking.

Coconut oil is interesting to me because it congeals. Been thinking of playing with that as really healthy substitute. I'm all for healthy, but you really need something in them to make them hold together/cook right on the grill. You can add Olive oil in a pan fry, but who cooks/frys burger in a pan in 2018.

From: Beendare
A buddy of mine got me hooked on elk grind with no fat.....I actually prefer it now.

A little bit of oil when cooking, seasoning and sometimes a little bit of breadcrumbs ...then don't cook to death on really high heat- yum.

From: craig@work
cant believe no one has recommended a new fiance..... a world without bacon must be a boring breakfast place :) seriously I like my venison without anything added.


From: Fuzzy
I've had good luck with Crisco shortening. Buy it in the "butter sticks", cut them into cubes and mix in the grind like you would suet or pork fat

From: Ermine
For burger I don’t add any fat.

But for sausage or brats I add fat. Could do beef fat?

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