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ground hunter 10-Aug-18
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pointingdogs 11-Aug-18
For a early season (Sep) Hunt, what time do you head to the stand/blind?

From: Scar Finga
2-3PM for me, but it can be a long warm sit! I try and shade my tree-stand as much as possible and I stay until well after dark, longer if animals are around. I always bring a book if the action is real slow.

I do not hunt a lot of early am's in my neck of the woods, for deer, in the early season only because I would spook too many..... great am spots, anytime of year, are tough....

as scar said, it can be warm, but usually I like to be settled in by 3pm and that is for Wis and the western UP time zone

From: Old School
For me it depends on when they are hitting the food source. I like to be there an hour before they show up.


Thanks guys...

From: Butcher
More of a scout hunt for me in the mornings, set up 330-4 afternoon until time changes back. North ms it’s daylight till 730-8p

From: Rgiesey

From: M.Pauls
Would depend on the spot for me. If hunting ag I’d only be pulling about a 2 1/2hour sit from dark. That gives me about an hour and half from when the early birds start hitting the field typically. If I’m moving back in the bush I would adjust to how much earlier I expect them to move back there. This is for hunting ag/semi-ag areas

From: pointingdogs
2 hour before dark on ag fields

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