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Selfie w/ grizz lands guy in trouble
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cnelk 10-Aug-18
Chris S 10-Aug-18
WV Mountaineer 10-Aug-18
Salagi 10-Aug-18
Glunt@work 10-Aug-18
Scar Finga 10-Aug-18
Lost Arra 10-Aug-18
Elkoholic 10-Aug-18
SteveB 11-Aug-18
Rut Nut 11-Aug-18
M.Pauls 11-Aug-18
Elkhorn 11-Aug-18
kevin3006 11-Aug-18
JL 11-Aug-18
Sling Shot 11-Aug-18
Owl 11-Aug-18
Fuzzy 13-Aug-18
Deertick 13-Aug-18
JTV 13-Aug-18
kentuckbowhnter 13-Aug-18
cnelk 13-Aug-18
TD 13-Aug-18
hunt'n addict 13-Aug-18
TreeWalker 13-Aug-18
From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
The gene pool needs some chlorine

See link

From: Chris S
You just can’t fix stupid.

Nope. But, I do believe hush hush and promotion of such acts would help the general Population quite a bit.

What an idiot.

From: Salagi

Salagi's embedded Photo
Salagi's embedded Photo
I thought this was close enough a couple of weeks ago. The river was deep and strong between us. ;)

From: Glunt@work
Doesn't bother me a bit. I believe in the freedom to risk your own life.

From: Scar Finga
Remove all warning labels and signs... Then let nature take it's course!

From: Lost Arra
>>"I also know that alcohol is likely involved," Christian said. "This is a 'Here, hold my beer' moment."<<

Good detective work.

From: Elkoholic
I’m disappointed!

That they didn’t eat him!

From: SteveB
But isn’t like Disney shows us? Aren’t they just big ole teddy bears?

From: Rut Nut
Amazing how few people have COMMON SENSE anymore!

From: M.Pauls
I’m not sure it’s a matter of common sense. There are people including myself sometimes, that enjoy the rush of living on the edge. Look at car races, motocross, the x-games or squirrel suit flying etc. These people don’t think this is the safest way to live, it’s just fun. I think this guy probably just wanted to try something “fun”. I’m with glunt, I think we should have a freedom to risk our life if we want to

From: Elkhorn
Freedom to live dangerously should be a right. Stupid or not.

From: kevin3006
I could care less if the bear kills the idiot for "living on the edge". Only problem is the bear would get eliminated for killing the idiot that likes to "live on the edge".

From: JL
""Possible charges in the encounter include entering a closed area, reckless endangerment and harassing wildlife, Christian said. ""

I only see the first charge sticking. Reckless endangerment....nope. No crime in being stupid with one's self. Harassing...nope, unless the vid shows they threw something at the bears.

From: Sling Shot
The problem is, had he been killed, they would have come and killed the bears. All because of one stupid A-Hole.

From: Owl
There quite a few of us who routinely go afield among apex predators with the hopes of hiking out with a back load of bloody meat... Often, in the dark.

From: Fuzzy
^^ yep :)^^

oh wait, dark? nobody mentioned it's gonna be dark!

From: Deertick
Sling shot's point is the important one. I bet he didn't know better, and was operating under some pretty damn stupid assumptions -- which is no excuse.

From: JTV

JTV's Link
he should try playing his silly games with one of these

would have been awesome to have some live footage of all those bears eating that guy down to the bone in about 30 seconds.

From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
My friend who lives in AK works for the Park Service installed those cameras

I spoke w him yesterday and he mentioned that since those cams do in fact transmit live feed, it would have been a disaster for all if the guy would have been attacked on live feed.

If you want to watch the live feed— see link.

From: TD

TD's Link
Apparently bears in India do not take kindly to folks taking selfies.......

Guy in AK was lucky. Guy in India.... not so much.......

Wow!! Maybe people should see what happens when they do stupid things.

From: TreeWalker
I am all for Darwin but feel anyone like this needs to sign a statement ahead of time to be read to family. I live near a mountain that is a popular climb. Guys will head up with no responder, no satellite phone and do not even sign in. A storm blows in and there is the family saying rescuers need to go find their dad/son/drinking buddy. Uh, no. If you want to be tested man vs. mountain then go for it. When you fail, your family needs to shut the heck up and accept you wanted to test yourself and are content to die there. Why should we risk anyone else's life in a rescue?

Ski or snowboard out of bounds? Well, hang on there buddy until spring thaw is done.

Let the rescuers focus on those outdoors people that were trying to take precautions and have a way to contact authorities. Those with a death wish or are bad at understanding risks can figure it out on their own when things go south.

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