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Elk Tip #6
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ElkNut1 10-Aug-18
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Coyote 65 11-Aug-18
ElkNut1 11-Aug-18
From: ElkNut1
Call & Stalk!

This is just about as simple a tactic that can be considered. I've used it for years now. My Son & I have taken several bulls with it. This is a two person+ tactic.

There are situations where a bull will return a bugle to you, you stop & he stops, you can even wait for quite a spell & he will not bugle unless you do. I could go with a Slow Play Tactic here but these Call & Stalk tactics are fun too! -- With those bulls we will keep a Caller back to keep this bull bugling from 200-400 yards & out of sight, this shows the bull you're not pressuring him, the Caller will generally use a non-intimidating Location bugle in various volumes, kind of mixing it up a bit to sound natural & not predictable, he will bugle every couple of minutes as if in a conversation. The second hunter will now be the silent shooter slipping in towards the real bugling bull, no need for the shooter to call as long as the terrain allows for a nice stealthy stalk. -- The shooter should still be ready to scream a short bugle in case he accidentally bumps a cow or two on his way in, this can turn a fumbled situation into a tag punched!

This can come into play every now & then & the adrenaline & anticipation is pretty exciting for Caller & Shooter, each is hoping it turns out with a tag punched!

When a bull stays vocal on his own & holds his position then a solo hunter may slip in unannounced with a fair degree of success! I love calling bulls but tactics like this can present their own challenges as well with much satisfaction gained with positive results!


Nice! Must say I like this one.

From: TexasBuck
Elknut/Paul, with this technique, if you are the Silent Shooter slipping in, are there any scenarios/situations where would you use a cow call once you close the distance within a 100 yards or so? Or would you even call at all?

From: Coyote 65
Have used the same technique using a cow call for the caller instead of a bugle. The shooter has gotten close, but no cigar.


From: ElkNut1
Terry, keep at it & things will come together once in the right situation! David, as I mentioned above there are times that the Shooter may have to call if he accidentally bumps into anything but the target bull. On a general slip in silent by the shooter I don't like giving away my position by calling unless it's absolutely necessary. I wouldn't cow call just to cow call as I slipped in! -- It's true you have to be prepared for about anything that may occur as you slip in but not to big a deal. I generally rely on bull sounds if things go south, it's because I'm only after the bull. Thanks!


I used this tactic last year... But I was Solo and it was more like bugle and attack and less like call & stalk.. lol.. he bugled and I bugled and I kept moving forward very quickly up the mountain to cut the distance and bugling back and forth. once he was in eye sight coming down hill, I shut up and waited for him to come in.. shot him at 45 yards, he never knew I was there..

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