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Special offer on solo moose film
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From: Herdbull

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I am making a special offer on my new solo moose hunting film, "Chasing Solitude." With every order placed for my new film in either Standard DVD or Blu-ray formats, you will receive a complimentary copy of the condensed edition of "Primal Dreams." This offer is a pre-hunt special for the remainder of August for orders placed through my website, Herd Bull Productions, or on Brothers of the Bow. Thank you for your support, and be safe! Mike

I have had Primal Dreams for years and watch it every few months. The best hunting production I have ever seen.

From: Fuzz
Looking forward to watching this...

From: Shrewski
Ahhh. I remember the condensed version. That was done to take into the classroom if I remember correctly. That would be a nice bonus for you guys with young kids to get that into their schools.

Just finished watching "Chasing Solitude." As most know Mike is the real deal. It was refreshing to watch and listen to someone still from the "old school." Mike gets it, he doesn't have to cry or freak out on video. There was one clip where he was calling a mature bull that was getting down wind. Afterwards he looks at the camera and says, "Well that was fun," and walks away. You might think, that's your take away? It's not so much the wording, but that you could tell he internalized that moment and appreciated sharing that moment in time with a majestic animal. Thanks again Mike, it was the perfect primer for my own moose hunt next month.

I just placed my order. Can't wait to see it!

This is awesome Mike. I loved the book, the dvd's will be great to jumpstart the new season. Is there a promo code or are you just sending a copy with each order?

From: Herdbull
There is No promo code to enter. I will send a copy of "Primal Dreams" condensed edition with each order through the remainder of August. Does not matter if its "Chasing Solitude" or my book "One with the Wilderness." Does not matter if ordered through Herd Bull Productions or Brothers of the Bow websites. I just hoped to get a lot of orders out of the way before the start of the season and I get busy. Thank you all for the critiques. It is tough to improve in life without learning from mistakes. I think "Chasing Solitude" is a bit more than just a "how to hunt moose film," and if you know someone who would enjoy this film, please bring it to their attention. There are no paid sponsors of this film. Have a great season! Mike

From: Herdbull
Rattling_junckie I hope the "Pack-a-Bull" moose rack image got to you. If any one else wants the corrugated plastic printed moose rack I use just email me before the end of August. Thank you all for getting your DVD orders in early. Mike

Yes, I got it and can’t wait to try it out on my fly in moose hunt in a month!

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