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Mike Hammett has passed away....
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Medicinemann 15-Aug-18
Medicinemann 15-Aug-18
Hawkeye 15-Aug-18
Heat 15-Aug-18
Kurt 15-Aug-18
JM 16-Aug-18
Mark Watkins 16-Aug-18
Waterfowler 17-Aug-18
kota-man 17-Aug-18
BCPYGuy 17-Aug-18
TreeWalker 17-Aug-18
From: Medicinemann
For those of you that have met Mike Hammett (Sikanni River Outfitters), I wanted to let you know that I just heard that he passed away. At the last Sheep Show, I had heard that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and the fact that Dixie and Mike were not present at their booth gave credence to the rumors. Mike was a great guy, with an outstanding sense of humor. Bush pilot, entrepreneur, jack of all trades, and a jokester.....he will be missed. Damn shame......

From: Medicinemann
It is my understanding that Dixie might have a Facebook page, for those that wish to send condolences that way.....

From: Hawkeye
Great guy. So sorry to hear this. May he RIP.

From: Heat
My buddy hunted with them for his Stone Sheep. He had great things to say about their operation. All of his friends and family have my sincere condolences.

From: Kurt
Sat with Mike and Dixie at a banquet in Reno three years ago. Good folks. He was young to be gone, but we don't get choose how long we get. Hunt hard and make your dreams happen!

From: JM
My condolences to the Hammett family.

I always looked forward to talking with Mike every year at the Dallas Safari Club and the sheep shows, he will be missed.

John MacPeak

From: Mark Watkins
I had the privilege of meeting Mike a couple years ago at a trade show......great person, very humble and very good at what he did (make our dreams and goals come true)!

Prayers sent for the family from MN


From: Waterfowler
Truly saddened me to learn this. Had the extreme pleasure of his company twice on hunts. A wonderful person all around. Condolences to Dixie and family.

From: kota-man
Though I never had the pleasure of hunting with Mike and Dixie, many friends have. Appear to be great people/great outfit. My condolences to the family. RIP Mike Hammett

From: BCPYGuy
Hunted with Mike and Dixie in 2010 as a resident after drawing a LEH Bison tag. There were other non-residents in camp including Tom Miranda and his cameraman. Upon hearing this I was excited to meet Tom but apprehensive that as a result I would be hunting somewhere in the back forty while he enjoyed the “prime” spots. Well it turned out this could not have been further from the truth. Mike went out of his way to treat all hunters, regardless of who we were or what we paid for the hunt, equally. He and Dixie were a joy to be around and will be greatly missed by his family, friends and other hunters like me. My prayers are with the Hammett family.

From: TreeWalker
RIP Mike. Hope is all blue skies for you now.

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