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Africa through London?
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From: Tilzbow
Heading to Africa next year and I’ve got an opportunity to go through London for a great rate for business class on British Air. I flew this route in 2006 without issue. Does anyone know of any weapons or broadhead related restrictions in England like those in parts of Europe?

If you’re traveling with firearms you’ll have major problems.

From: Tilzbow
No firearms, just a compound bow, a longbow and arrows and broadheads.

No issues at all as long as you are just transferring at the airport.

I would suggest booking a sleep pod at No. 1 lounge. You pay by the hour and it includes food, drinks, internet, and lounge access. It is like a small hotel room. I believe it is about £20 per hour. I suspect you will have a long layover. I did that route in July and did not have any issues.

As a side note...had a 10 hour layover in route to Cape Town a couple years ago so we took the express train downtown and had a blast. What a neat place...would love to go back with more time.

From: Tilzbow
I booked the flights. Only 4.5 hours layover in London, 30 hours total travel time (5 hours longer than Delta from where I live). Got Business Class with a flat bed and it was only $800 more than Premium Economy on Delta. At 6’6” that Business Class is almost mandatory....

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