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RX1 Ultra or Carbon Spyder 34?
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Going to be saving up my pennies to buy a bow next year, going old school with the very first bow I ever owned this year-Mathews FeatherMax.

That said, I'm looking into buying another Hoyt....I'm flat not going to spend $1600 just on a RX1 Ultra (but damn they shoot so nice) as much as I'd like to there's no way I can justify that.

Hopefully I can find one for a grand or so by mid-summer next year.

If not, I'd probably be looking at the nicest Carbon Spyder 34 I can find.

Has anybody shot both?

I live in Iowa, hunt whitetails primarily but am going to be going back to Montana yearly for pronghorn, and muley/elk every other year looks like.

From: Whocares
I have both and both are sweet! Can't go wrong with either one.

From: Bowboy
Both are nice bows. You might be able to pick up a used RX1 Ultra on Archertalk since a lot of those guys will sell to buy the latest and greatest.

I have a Carbon Sypder Turbo and it's a really nice shooting bow.

I have owned both. The RX1 Ultra is going to be significantly faster, and a lot longer at full draw for a better string angle, wider limb set, so over all far more stable, and holds far better. That being said I could list several things that are pluses for the Spyder too.

Thanks for the responses, I'll be on the lookout for the RX1 Ultra mid summer next year.

Anybody have an idea on speeds a 60# Ultra would be putting out w/a 500 grain arrow?

I had each carbon bow. As they came out, Spyder, defiant ETC, if you want the best price. The spyder or defiant are great bows. Initially I always tell myself that I shoot better with The latest greatest bow. But, After all the excitement and hype wear off i always seem to settle in to the same skill level of shooting and Groups. Which seem to stay at sub MOA. Usually 1/4 to 1/2 MOA. I did it again this year and bought the Triax. And it’s very quiet and a great bow. And now I’m shooting at the same skill level as I always have. SO! In my opinion, buying the carbon defiant or spyder would be the best way to go budget wise. Most technology improvements make the bows “feel” better but it’s still going to shoot no better than your skill level anyway. Just slight tweaks for vibration noise, valley, draw cycle. Bla, bla, bla. But the killing part. Putting an arrow where it needs to go can be done just fine with the year or three old model. Again this coming from someone that falls into the sales BS of the slight improvements. It comes down to if you have to have the latest and greatest and can afford it. One thing I will give the carbon bows they hold their value slightly better than most.

From: Michael
I shoot the RX -1 Ultra. At 70 lbs with a 31” draw and a 440 grain arrow it chrononed out at 305 FPS.


ELKMAN's embedded Photo
ELKMAN's embedded Photo
I'm at 28 inch draw- 71 pounds- 433 grain arrow- 281 fps. (Ultra)

From: WB
That isn't really much faster than my powermax. That is shooting 260fps with a 28.5" draw and 430 grain arrow, and it draws #57. I'd hope there would be more to the RX1 than just a few fps and a 3x price tag.

From: Bou'bound
Defiant over element. No reason to go with element over it

From: Michael
The RX-1 Ultra wasn’t designed to be a speed bow. If you want more speed go with the turbo. After owning a Nitrum Turbo and a Pro Defiant Turbo I am happy with an RX-1 Ultra. With an added inch of draw past 30” I only lost 10 FPS from the Turbo bows.

The Ultra is one smooth drawing bow compared to a Turbo.

As far as tunable goes. I didn’t have much of an issue with my Nitrum Turbo. I fought with my Pro Defiant Turbo and the RX-1 Ultra was a breeze to tune.

Agreed. Easy as they come to tune.^^^

CD34 or RX1?

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