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Fall planting
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From: MK111
It's that time to plant my fall plots.

Some past history 3 yrs ago 10-15 thistles showed up in my one clover plot. I didn't understand thistles so I pulled them and kept cutting them off. So last year I had a lot more so I mowed them 4 times. But appears I spread some of the seeds to my other clover plot.

This year which is the 3rd year I have a full 1/2 ac in the 2 clover plots of solid thistles.

Doing research on thistles I bought some Imox weed spray and the fertilizer additive. I sprayed the Imox on April 3rd and the thistles were 30" high due to wet weather. On April 10th the leaves were starting to turn yellow so I bushed hogged the 2 plots.

I must not have waited long enough for the Imox to kill the plants as I had all new growth again.

On July 6th I sprayed Imox again got better results as I have 90% less thistles now. But the older plants never got over 8-10" high and not budding out.

I bush hogged everything 10 days ago for fall planting and the thistles were not getting taller.

Today I looked over my over look and show new green growth and thought the thistles were coming back. So I went to the plots and to my relief the new green growth was chicory that I planted this spring that didn't take.

So going down to spread fertilizer and rototill the 2 fall plots.

My clover plots have 6 seasons but doing OK so I'll leave them go until 2019 and rotate them in to fall oats and turnip-radish plots.

Today putting in 1 ac of WI oats as a cover crop for new clover-alfalfa plot. Also planting a 1/2 ac of radish- turnip plot. I have great success with fall WI oats and turnip-radish plantings for the last 6 years.

FYI the WI oats always winter's over for a good early spring green up here in SW Ohio.

From: sagittarius

sagittarius's Link
12.1% imazamox: max use per year 6 oz/acre. max weed size 3 inches.

Rotational planting interval following Raptor/clearcast application: alfalfa, wheat: 3 months, Corn: 8.5 months, Oats, turnip, pumpkin: 9 months, Sugarbeets: 18+ months,

From: MK111
Aug 23 Spread fertilizer. Rototiller my 1.5 ac plot. Soil worked up perfect after the little rain we got. Not too dry or too wet.

Aug 24 Installed my Moultrie electric seed spreader on the back of the golf cart.

1. Sowed 1.0 ac of WI oats at 50% as a cover crop.

2. Used the tractor and drug the drag across the oats.

3. Sowed the clover-alfalfa mix from GPO on top of the WI oats.

4. Sowed .5 ac of radish-turnip mix from GPO in the other plot.

5. Used the tractor to cultipack both plots.

Rain forecasted 50-60% for Sat and Sun.

FYI fore smaller plots the Moultrie electric seed spreader is 2nd to none and would buy another if needed after 3 seasons of use and works 100%. I always seed at 50% and sow the seed 2 times so I don't run out before done.

From: MK111
The forecasted rain never did happen as we only got a small sprinkle.

But 7 days later we got a really good heavy rain and the next day got another heavy rain.

From: drycreek
For the first time since May we are forecast a good amount and chances for rain next week. If the first part comes true, (today, tommorow, and Tuesday), then I'll be using the two day window before the next rain is due to plant. Most of the discing is done, so I'm half ready.

From: MK111
9-22 Checked the plots and everything is finally growing OK. When I planted we got no rain for 7 days they got some heavy downpours.

So it's 3 weeks after the rain and the turnips-radish are about 4-6" and the oats is 4". Deer are feeding in both as I can watch them from my overlook.

Deer sure are fed well here. Plus there is 110 ac of horse hay field behind my food plots. We have 20-30% brushed in areas here so the deer numbers are OK with the year around food we grow for them.

From: Glunker
Thistle seed is viable for 50 years. Mowing is the best remedy i know.

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