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Cultipacker wood bearings repair
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MK111 25-Aug-18
t-roy 25-Aug-18
GLP 25-Aug-18
MK111 25-Aug-18
MK111 26-Aug-18
Ambush 07-Nov-20
From: MK111
Two years ago I bought a 8" double roller cultipacker off Craigslist for $500 delivered. The going price in this area is $100 per foot for either a single or double rollers.

All 4 wood bearings were wore at a angle but not worn metal to metal so no damage done.

I couldn't find a new made wood bearing so I did research on several tractor forums.

Found were a farmer used plastic plumbing pipe for a permanent repair. I used a 2" plastic of correct length, then used another 1.5" pipe and cut a part out length wise so I could squeeze it together to fit into the 2" pipe and be a good tight fit on the axle shaft. There is no real movement inside the axle shaft or bearing housing.

Put everything back together and loaded the axle housing with grease through the grease zerk.

After 3 season of use it seems there is not real wear. I do only use the cultipacer for about 2 miles per year.

Good job.

From: t-roy
Sounds interesting. Any pics , Frank?

From: GLP
Good job! If it works, GREAT! But if you get wear quickly, find someone with a big lathe and you can turn down your own wood bearings. I helped a guy turn down wood bearings for an old disc on our big metal lathe at work and we did six bearings in 2 hrs. He wanted them to be wood due to taking it to antique tractor and equipment shows. Was not hard at all. Greg

From: MK111
I didn't take pictures when doing the repair. I'll try and find the tractor forum link. Really just a simple repair of cutting one 2" piece to correct length, then cutting the second piece to length and cutting a center piece out length wise and pinching it together to fit inside the 2" pipe.

On 2nd thought I'm thinking the center piece of pipe was 1.5" and not 2" that has a cut out length wise.

From: MK111
Darn I forgot I posted a rebuild discription in 2016 when I did the rebuild.

That explains exactly how I did it. Memory just isn't what it used to be. LOL.

From: Ambush
Well since the spammer brought this thread back up:

I'm just in the process of rebuilding an old drag disc and it needs bearings. I was going to use wood, but if the bearings that MK111 made are still holding up, I may go that route. Any updates?

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