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Alberta Fly In Moose Hunts
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Garrett Bros @ Cons's embedded Photo

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Gentlemen there is a few slots open for fly in remote moose/bear/wolf hunts this September 23-30 October 3-10

You will need to fly into Fort McMurray spend the night and be flown into 180 Miles to the lake where your camp will be waiting.

You will hunt off lakes calling bulls as close to the shores as possible.

Wall tents are utilized with wood burning stoves.

World class fishing and bear hunting in these fall trips also on trophy fee. Wolfs are free to shoot as many as we can The trip is 6500$ bush charter plane is 1000$ and 500$ tags and licenses 8000$ 1x1 guide with 2 moose hunters in camp.

Please email me at Or call 780-621-7989

Thanks guys and have a great season

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