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Calling bears
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cnelk 29-Aug-18
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Owl 30-Aug-18
grubby 30-Aug-18
DarrylDunsloppy 30-Aug-18
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SteveB 30-Aug-18
Ucsdryder 30-Aug-18
From: cnelk
Sunday starts the bear season here in Colorado. There seems to be plenty of bear around too.

Many times we have called in bears using cow elk/lost calf mews while elk hunting and this year I am going to try to specifically 'call in a bear'.

Talking with Lou last night, I mentioned I am going to try using a couple different calls - 'The Can' [deer bleat] and a predator call.

I know Paul@the Fort called in/killed a bear using a predator call...

Anyone else?

From: smarba
I was out last weekend scouting for elk with a bear tag in my pocket.

As I loaded my gear for the day I realized I had left my bow hanging in the garage at home – doh! I had my backup .40 pistol so figured I’d use that if I happened upon a bear.

I began hiking and after an hour lo and behold I glassed a bear! He was meandering downhill toward me into a canyon. I hustled to close the distance and by the time I got to the vicinity I had lost track of him, although I guessed him to be within 200 yards or less. I picked a good area with commanding view and chambered a round and started blowing mouth predator call. I have sonic earplugs I use when gun hunting that allow you to hear but block the sound of a shot and had put them in. After about 5 min not seeing anything coming from below me I pulled out one earplug thinking I should be hearing him if he was coming my way. I kept calling for another 5 min or so scanning all around me. Suddenly the bear popped up less than 10 yards to my right! Immediately I could see he was pretty small: huge ears, skinny body. I fumbled to replace my earplug, torn as to whether I wanted to shoot him. With my bow I probably would have tried – I’ve never shot a bear before.

Between me not being ready with earplug (I knew pistol would be really loud), him quartering to me and not very good shot, me not overly confident to hunt with pistol (only shot targets) and me hesitating because he was so small I ultimately blew my 20 second opportunity. He woofed and bolted over the edge of the slope he had popped up from.

Exciting and I can’t wait to call in another one!

From: Owl
Wayne Carlton has an old video on calling bears. If I remember correctly, his method was to spot the bear first and call continuously until ol' ursus was in range. I can't recall the rationale.

Things can get hairy occasionally from what I understand but it's still on my bucket list. I believe Matt Burke called one in that resulted in an interesting story. He'd have to tell it if he stumbles across this thread.

From: grubby
I saw some cool footage of a called in bear attacking a decoy a while back. would definitely be exciting!

Called in a couple last year after getting a rut/bugle fest started. Unfortunately, didn't want to ruin the elk hunting by shooting a bear ;)

From: StickFlicker
It's my understanding that they will often lose interest if you stop calling, which is why they usually call continuously when calling bears versus other animals.

From: Bowriter
Be very careful. The bear you are calling may not be the one that comes in. It can get a tad dicey and is dang sure not something I would do much of with a bow.

From: cnelk
These bears came into my cow mews a couple years ago. I was in my tree stand

From: Kodiak
That Wayne Carleton video was outstanding. He was calling them in to just feet away and then pepper spraying them.

I own that vid, no clue where I put it. lol

From: SteveB
No one is better at calling bears than my friends at Pink Mountain Outfitters in BC. I’ve seen it multiple times there and it’s quite the experience. Also, In New Mexico I was cow calling on my belly across a meadow at a nice bull and a big old bear snuck right in behind me and scared the bejeebers out of me!

From: Ucsdryder
Brad I have a bear on my camera almost daily. I’d love a rug and skull and help the elk population but the thought of packing a head, skull, and meat 3 miles doesn’t sound fun...

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