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Grizzly hunt shutdown?
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From: PushCoArcher
Just saw a article from a Jackson hole newspaper that a judge has reinstated federal protection for the Yellowstone grizz effectively shutting down the Wyoming and Idaho hunts. If I knew how to post a link I would I saw it on hunttalk forum. Anyone have any additional info?

From: Deertick


Here it is.

From: RogBow

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Obama nominee.

From: wyelkhunter
Unfortunately as someone who lives in WY and applied for a license, this has been the thought for a while. Everyone who does not live in WY has an opinion that means more than a biologist.

From: Franklin
You knew the lawsuits were coming to stop it. All you need to do is find 1 leaf licking Federal judge and they will file an injunction. I don`t think they will ever allow sportsman to kill the bears. Instead they will pay hundreds of thousands to have them killed by government agents.

From: Mule Power
Leaf lickers are the new Tree Huggers? Lol

Judge was born in New York, NY and educated in CA.

From: Lost Arra
there will never be a grizzly hunt

greater yellowstone ecosystem is on it's way to becoming a zoo

pretty sad that the Jackson immigrants are already running the show in such a hunter friendly state

From: LBshooter
I sentence that judge to two weeks camping in griz country without any defensive weapons. Then he might change his mind lol.

From: darralld
Judge probably never leaves the pavement.

From: bigswivle

From: Dirk Diggler
Game and fish will kill 20 more this year at a cost rather than as a revenue generator.

Its the same with the wolves of the Great Lakes,,,,,, they will never be delisted here, Trump administration, would have been are only hope, and there is no interest there for help either........... Its a shame, that you can not use good common sense conservation science, to control, what needs to be controlled.......

My friends nephew has been involved in the grizzly problem for years around Cody, he must be really frustrated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: DL
What’s the big deal about hunting s few bears. 53 Bears get slaughtered in Chicago every Sunday.

This was a foregone conclusion that this was going to happen. It'll get hashed out in the courts and again be shown to be viable and will be reinstated in a year or two.

From: Bou'bound
Whoever kills one will have hell to pay by loonies who will torment them They will wish they didn’t.

From: kota-man
Grant...Give me a tag, I’ll take the tormenting... ;)

Meanwhile they are moving into town.


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pretty soon, you will have the "grizzly patrol", and like Wisconsin, which the DNR backs and supports, will have track counts and watches........ but on the good side for you guys, is the grizzly has a better chance of eating some on the patrols, unlike the wolves......

what a joke, what ever happen to real conservationist

Yes they will Pat.

From: Butternut40

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Here you go.

From: BigOzzie
Things will likely happen much like they did with Wolf hunting. De-list, block with law suit, re-list, de-list, lawsuit, Idaho has conservative hunting regs they get to hunt, Wyoming gets too liberal with quota's they are not allowed to hunt, Wyoming counters with more strict quotas and are allowed to hunt, then Montana pipes up and get a season also. Then over the years the quota's rise and numbers are stable.

I see a similar scenario with Griz. We will get to hunt but it will drag on for a while.


From: SmokedTrout

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Another two week delay.

BigOzzie, if I remember correctly it was an act of Congress (attached to a budget, or some such) to get wolf season here in MT and ID, after repeated cycles you mentioned. Can't remember exactly why WY didn't get through right away, but I believe you are right their management plan was considered too liberal.

It will probably take something similar to get a Grizzly hunt going. Meanwhile more livestock and probably a few more people will become victims of bears that have no fear of people.

No doubt, you could see this coming from a mile away. No different than the wolf bs. It’ll drag through the courts until common sense, i.e. management based on science rather than liberal emotion, prevails.

To bad we had one in the city limits of Cody just this last week.

From: Bowfreak
I wonder what Dana Christensen would think about the grizzly hunt if he had a grizzly killing his pets or terrorizing people in his neighborhood?

He was an Obama was over before it started.

From: JTV

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From: bigdog21
still have the self defense story if your brave enough ? no tag needed.

From: TD
WY took awhile but they hung in there and got it right. Outside certain areas and wolves are just big coyotes. No season, no tag. It's how it SHOULD be in ID and MT too.

There will be Grizz hunts. Incident after incident as the populations grow and expand out..... Even liberal morons will eventually either have to go along with it in some form or their insanity will be seen for what it is and they will become irrelevant.

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