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Recommend to me a 3-d Arrow
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bow_dude 01-Sep-18
x-man 04-Sep-18
JTV 04-Sep-18
Boatman71 28-Sep-18
KHNC 28-Sep-18
From: bow_dude
I have decided to enter the 3-d competition at the Huntsman Senior games in St. George, Utah in October. I will be shooting in the 60 to 64 year old age division. I am an experienced archer and have shot winter 3-d indoor leagues for many years. This will be my first serious competition. I have always used carbon arrows because of their durability. In league play, shafts tend to get beat up by others who shoot with you. I have found that aluminum shafts are more accurate, but the durability is not the same. I also like fat shafts for line cutters. For those of you who shoot competitively, what shaft do you recommend? I might add that this is a marked yardage competition so I do not need the light fast shafts to help with distance judging. Longest target will be 40 to 40 yards max.

From: x-man
Fat Boys seem to be the most popular choice, especially for marked yardage. I see a lot of Gold Tip shafts as well.

Victory and Carbon Tech make lighter and faster "fat" shafts if you prefer for unmarked yardages.

From: JTV

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the 22 series Goldtips ...

From: Boatman71
I use a PS23 which is kind of an in between sized shaft. Small/light enough to keep decent speed, but fat enough to help with a line break now and then. When I went to the Metropolis ASA this summer I was surprised at how many people using the same exact arrow for the same reasons. Figured I must be doing something right :-)

From: KHNC
There is only one acceptable option. Gold Tip Pro 22! ;)

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