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How to take incredible bear photos?
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Hunt98 01-Sep-18
Hunt98 01-Sep-18
Killbuck 01-Sep-18
TD 01-Sep-18
Screwball 01-Sep-18
TEmbry 01-Sep-18
APauls 02-Sep-18
From: Hunt98
Pat had a feature article this past spring, ‘How to take incredible wild turkey photos’ I learned a lot from the feature article and from others who had posted on the thread. There were many excellent photos also.

In keeping with that theme and carrying it over to bear photos.

What advice do you have taking incredible bear photos?

From: Hunt98

Hunt98's Link

From: Killbuck
Buddy shot a small bear about an eon ago. Outfitter hung the gutted bear w a hook thru the pelvis. In the AM we took the bear down and the rigor allowed the bear to be posed standing normally. Wanted my buddy to lay on the ground w a knife but it was raining and no joy.

From: TD
Step 1: Shoot an incredible bear......

I've never made it past step 1......

From: Screwball
Just like many today with glory shots. Distance behind the animal for the hunter, shoot up.

From: TEmbry
Low camera angle with a great backdrop is what makes for the best field photos. Don't sit a football field behind them but don't straddle them by any means either. I have some that are so so and a few that are incredible. Weather and other variables sometimes prevent great photos regardless what you try.

From: APauls
You can’t make a small bear look big. They always look like a person trying to make a small bear look big. It’s gotta be a big bear to look big. Even a decent bear looks small. Sorry I know that’s not really helpful, but bears are just like that IMO

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