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BBQ Bear ribs
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Ogoki 02-Sep-18
Tonybear61 03-Sep-18
trackman 03-Sep-18
bad karma 03-Sep-18
Dale06 03-Sep-18
South Farm 04-Sep-18
Fuzzy 05-Sep-18
From: Ogoki
In past years we have not kept the bear ribs. The owner of the bear camp we go to mentioned a customer cooked bear ribs at camp. He said better keep some and give them a try. Yesterday I unthawed a slab. Boiled about 1 1/2 hours and placed on tin foil, on grill. Added some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce . I was VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. They were excellent. I am use to deer ribs not having much meat on them but from now on ,I will be keeping the ribs. Maybe many of you already know this . While at camp i was use to everybody tossing the ribs into the wolf bait trailer, so I did the same.

From: Tonybear61
Bear ribs best ribs I have ever had..

From: trackman
I have BBQ bear ribs for year the are the best.

From: bad karma
You're not helping. Packing out a bear on your own is tough enough without adding teh rib cage to the trip.

From: Dale06
To each his own, glad you like them.

From: South Farm
Pass Dale another bone! He's hungry..

From: Fuzzy
I love them with sweet baby ray's. I parboil them fork tender and them slow smoke them wrapped in foil. REmove the foil and Apply the sauce a few minutes before serving

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