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What to do????
Wild Sheep
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Bigpizzaman 04-Sep-18
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lv2bohunt 05-Sep-18
I am leaving for a Dall Sheep and moose hunt in AK on Thursday. I got a call from my outfitter this afternoon. He was literally in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Apparently, he got bucked off a horse and broke his hip or back? I will know more tomorrow or the next day. (First off my issues are nothing compared to his health)

I had booked a hunt starting in 9/7 and lasting through the 25th. I will likely loose a few days while they sort things out. He has several guides and I am sure things will get sorted out.

In any event, I took a new job about 6 weeks ago and it is a turnaround. We have several significant issues and I am in charge. There is no way I can stay until the 25th. I will likely need to be back by the 21st at the latest. It would be better to be home in a week.

I intended to take my bow. I am concerned with the shortened hunt that I should just take a rifle.

I have taken over 200 animals with a bow and fewer than 25 (mostly varmits) with a rifle. I have only taken a rifle on two guided hunts in the past. I passsed moose in AK and Alberta in the last two years that I could have easily killed with a rifle and got skunked with my bow.

I also got lucky this year and drew a Maine moose tag. I had planned a lot of hunts for this year. It was to be my year of fun. I have hunts booked 7 of the last 12 weeks of the year. There is no way I can miss that much work. I am going to need to get lucky and get done early on a few of them

I know first world problems.

What to do? What to do?

Life is good.

From: kscowboy
Take the rifle for the Dall. Alaska can be tough hunting and you can get socked-in for days. A legal ram is a trophy to be appreciated and admired, regardless of method of take. I’ve taken a rifle Dall and an archery Bighorn. Both are special to me. If you have time, chase the moose with the bow. Make the sheep the priority. If they will re-book for 2019, take it. You might be doing them a favor.

From: drycreek
^^^^^^ What he said ^^^^^^

From: JTreeman
Coke is pretty tough, broken hip probably won’t slow him down too much ;)

Sorry to hear the stress of the hunt and new job. I certainly see the advantage of the rifle hunt and getting back to work. I think it’s all about what you want. I personally have no interest in shooting anything with a rifle. I’m sure I’m in the minority.

That is a huge hunt (time/prep/money/anticipation) do what will make you happy in 6 months (or years) looking back on it. I PERSONALLY would not be happy shooting a rifle regardless of the situation. But I also know guys who have gone on hunts like that and had rifle shots but not bow shots and are still kicking themselves for not taking the rifle. And plenty of guys go on “bowhunts” only to take the guides rifle on the second day ;). Certainly not a judgment or condemnation from me, just not my cup of tea. Good luck whatever you choose!


From: Aubs8
KSCowboy x3 Keep us posted! Good luck!


From: Kurt
Depends on whether you want a ram with the bow bad enough....and only you know the answer to that question. If you don’t care, I certainly don’t. If you want one with the bow, give it your best. You know you may come home empty what, you hunted with the bow. Happens all the time. Good luck whatever weapon you take on your hunts.

From: flyingbrass
as usual the first response is best

From: Trial153
If my goal is to kill a Dall with my bow then a rifle hunt, successfull or not doesnt get me closer to my goal. I figure every day that i bow hunt for an animal gets me one day closer to my goal. I would bowhunt as planned.

From: Bigpizzaman
I am also going on this hunt, Archery Moose, am closing in on my N/A slam so rifle is not an option. Seems as though a lot is going on this year and it would be easy to just cancel and rebook next year. Having shared campfires and many conversations with you Eric a Sheep is the goal regardless the method of take. We ain’t getting any younger and next year could be worse! For me personally, having a longer relationship with Coke, I’m aware how he makes his living and pulling out would be a perhaps financial burden, I feel as a friend I should go. No pressure from me, hope to see you in camp and if not in NYC on the third!

From: wilbur
It's your vacation and your hunt. Only you know what's going on in your life and what you are gonna be happy with. Do whatever is going to put a smile on your face now and for ever more.

We hunt as a form of recreation, none of us need the meat to live. Sure it's nice and healthy but in the end we do it because we enjoy the chase. You need to figure out what you're gonna be OK with weapon wise and go do it.

Have fun.

I am going to go and figure it out when I get there. It will likely be sheep with a rifle and moose with a bow if possible.

In any event, it will be fun to be in camp.

I will see you in camp.

Life is good.

From: Bigpizzaman
See you in camp my friend!! J

From: sticksender
Best of luck to you guys.

From: lv2bohunt
Good decision

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