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2018 Colorado Moose units 37/371
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The Fudd 04-Sep-18
From: The Fudd
Hello, first time posting. I just recently got into bow hunting this year and planned on archery elk hunting in southwest Colorado for the first time. Turns out that I drew an any weapon bull moose tag for unit 37/371 this year as well. I have decided to focus on the moose tag and for go my elk hunt this year.

I live in southwest Colorado and have been scouting my unit every other weekend since the middle of June. I am able to commit all 14 days to the hunt. I have located a number of bulls so far in several different drainages. My dad and brother-in law will be joining me for the hunt.

Hoping to hear from anyone who has hunted the units and any tips for success that they have had. Also any tips for a new bow hunter would be greatly appreciated.


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