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Arrow Shafts and why????
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From: Arrowhead
What arrow shaft do you use and which do you consider best for hunting? Now tell me why?

From: JTV
for the last 20+ years, my main brand is Goldtip ... I started shooting them when they first came out waaaay back when ... I tried Beman, ACC's and always went back to GT's ... I used the Pro Hunters and Velocity Pros, but it is less expensive to just get the XT series and trim both ends to get the length I want.. with any all carbon, if there is any wobble it is at the ends, and cutting from both removes that .. another reason to not shoot the full 32" length and have it waaay out in front of the riser on a compound ... when I'm done cutting/building, I have an arrow that is as straight as any out there(.001) ... I have a 30" draw, and shoot a 28" 340 series at 62lbs on the main bow .... So right now I use the Hunter XT's on the back up bow.. 67lbs (395 grs/295fps/Heat vanes/ regular GT nocks) and the Velocity XT (385grs/303 fps/Blazers/Glory Nock)) on the Main bow(62 lbs)... as to why, I find they are one of the strongest and accurate hunting arrows for me ... I dont change brands on a whim, when I find something I like, I stay with it ... I get the speeds I want, the penetration I want without being overly heavy ..... Ive killed multiple of dozens of deer with the Goldtips... I aint changing ...

From: elkmtngear

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I still shoot Easton Gamegetter 400 Aluminums. I probably don't have a good reason, other than they are cheap, heavy, and easier to "tame" for me (I shoot a compound with fingers).

As long as the bodies keep hitting the dirt, I'll keep using them.

From: Ermine
Goldtip Pierce. Tough accurate arrow

From: drycreek
I shot Axis for years with no complaints, but switched to FMJs a couple years ago for a little more weight. Why ? They work.

From: oldgoat
I pick one that gives me what I'm looking for, for a particular setup, GPI, long enough for my draw length, has to be durable, straighteness, etc! I'm not a HO for one particular brand, but I do stay away from the big box store brands! Ones I've used and really liked are Easton, GT, Victory, Carbon Express. Some of the least durable and most durable came from the same company, so it's very model specific on what I use versus brand specific!

From: Franklin
Easton XX78.....IMO the tightest tolerance, consistently accurate arrow manufactured.

From: jingalls
GoldTips, tough, high quality!

From: PoudreCanyon
I shot GT XT hunters for a long time and liked them, but switched to FMJ’s a couple years ago. I switched mostly to get more total arrow weight without having to mess with inserts, weight tubes, etc. I like the FMJ’s a lot - accurate, durable, and great penetration - but I do wish they weren’t so damned expensive.

From: midwest
Currently Gold Tips Velocity XT. Good quality shafts.

From: PECO
I shoot whatever I can get a good deal on. GT, CX, Easton, Beman, Victory, they all shoot way better than I shoot.

From: Beendare
The 5mm Axis.

I shot the skinny 4mm shafts for years- a PITA not worth the advantages of skinny with too many disadvantages...

...and had problems with spine consistency on the GT's many years ago.

The axis shafts are very durable, straight, very good spine consistency, skinny enough to perform well without the problems of the 4mm. I had some inconsistencies with them about 7 yrs ago...but since they have been very good.

The only problems I've seen with others complaining was due to operator error. you have to follow directions on assembly....and you do want to mill the ends carefully as they aren't perfect right off the saw [no carbon shaft is]

From: Buck Watcher
Axis - durable, consistent, smooth finish (quiet on the rest), easy options for heavy insert and made in the USA.

ACC - most consistent shaft I ever shot and made in the USA.

From: LBshooter
My cedar and hickory seem to work just fine.

From: Bake
FMJ for a bit more weight. I like them

From: 12yards
Gold Tip XTs and Beman ICS Hunters because they're cheap and straight and durable and typically hit where I'm aiming. Not convinced all the small diameter arrows out there are not a gimmick. I like the standard diameter arrows.

From: LINK
Gold Tip Kinetics. Anything else is trash. ;) There’s a lot of good arrows out there. I’ve always liked GT and the kinetics offer the weight I want without costing a small fortune.

From: Rock
Cabela's SST 240, Easton 6.1 and AFC 2400. Have been shooting them for many years and they fly great, also I have over 400 of them so no need to change.

From: APauls
FMJ cause they are heavy and thin. Heavy for peno, thin for wind. Also, I love shooting an arrow wrapped in aluminum because when I shoot into my foam target it doesn't cake to the aluminum like a carbon does. Those three reasons.

From: ChrisH.
I shoot the FMJ 5mm in a 300 spine. I put a 75 grain insert and 100 grain point up front. My bow shoots pretty slow but it is dead quiet and I get great penetration. I’ve shot the VAPs and the Goldtip micro diameter arrows and I just did not like the outserts. They seemed to be a weak point.

Beman ICS's. Cheap, tough and hold great groups at longer range. Only downside I have against them is I wish they were slightly heavier

From: Owl
Beman ICS. I've been shooting them and FMJs for years and, as much as I would like to shoot the FMJs exclusively, the Bemans just fly better for me. So they wind up in my quiver.

From: GLP
Shot Beman ICS for years. Switched to axis that I footed and in my mind they were extremely durable. But were a pain to build. Switched to victory vforce 3 years ago. Love the slick finish, love the long inserts ( helps on alignment) price is good and made in USA.

I’ve been shooting CarbonTech since 02/03 and when they were made here in Sacto...Better out there I’m sure, but I have a bunch and they work for me...

From: Arrowhead
Lot's of reasons and a variety of shafts. Some just like it and have the confidence to keep shooting them. / Some are concerned on price. / Made in the USA, I like that one. PECO, had a good one and it may even be the truth. All of them kill. I have always shot Easton's XX75. Probably because they were the most popular and easy to get shaft for many years. I did try some high dollar carbons once and I had one explode on me. I was very lucky it didn't go through my hand. It was determined that I was sold the wrong spine even though the chart said it was correct. Got a full refund and will never chance them again. Aluminum arrows are getting a little harder to find and I might consider the FMJ. But then again I am pretty content with what I have. I understand the FMJ is much safer because it's a composite?

From: Boreal
Easton A/C/C Prohunter 300's. Because they have a cool little picture of an elk on them.

From: Lever action
i have settled on the goldtip xt .003 shafts. I was totally on board with carbon express years ago but when prices got ridiculous, I started looking elsewhere. After a bunch of cash being spent on numerous manufacturers, I found these GT shafts to be the best for the money.

Everything comes down to best value for me.

Shot GT's till they moved to our public enemy #2. Then shot made by Beman for Cabela's Stalker extreme most likely THE BEST DEAL in carbon arrows at $62/doz , but sadly you can no longer buy them in bare shaft configuration. So I know shoot Beman ICS and are happy beyond measure. Sorry but I live and earn my living in America and try to buy MIA when ever I can.

From: bowhunter55
Been shooting FMJ Deep Six since they came out with them. Hard hitting and very accurate.

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