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Guido's Web and Saddle users question
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DMTJAGER 07-Sep-18
I bought a Guido's Web about 4-5 years ago tried it out with only two only dry runs and because I unexpectedly lucked into private land shelved it and never became proficient with it. I would like to try it again but would like to know as I would be hunting off hang on stands, ladder stands and the GW, can I use the same anchor points while shooting from the some of the different less typical positions while using a Guido's Web VS traditional stands. My concern is if I use my present anchor points while in the more twisting positions some times required by a GW my change in form will result in my pins will be off and resulting in a miss. Lastly has anyone regularly transitioned from a normal rigid fixed position stand and then to a Web or saddle and vice-versa and had no issues with their aiming or anchor points. or as I suspect I will have to try it out for myself. Thanks, Art.

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