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Up the poundage or leave it for lightbow
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Bassmaster9960 09-Sep-18
AndyJ 09-Sep-18
Bou'bound 10-Sep-18
Lever Action 10-Sep-18
Too Many Bows Bob 10-Sep-18
M.Pauls 10-Sep-18
Feedjake 10-Sep-18
My son is shooting a 39 pound bow and is pulling 26 inches. He says he could up the drawweight a few pounds and still feel good. Should I go get it upped before deer season or is 2-3 pounds of draw weight going to not be a factor

From: AndyJ
If he is shooting well leave it until after the season. Check with your local laws though. A lot of states have a minimum poundage requirement which is usually around 40-45 lbs. With that said, a game warden would ha Eric be a pretty serious jerk to bust your son for being one pound under weight.

From: Bou'bound
It’s us not a factor either way. To little to mess he m up and too little to gain any benefit so it is a non-issue. I would shoot the heaviest I could shoot accurately. No reason for any less

From: Lever Action
A couple pounds isnt going to make a difference in a positive way IMO

Don't change a winning game. TMBB

From: M.Pauls
Biggest thing (besides being legal) is if that bow is tuned nicely now, don’t touch it.

From: Feedjake
I'd probably leave it for the year, but like others have said make sure that tune is perfect.

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