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drew unit 315 Moose
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Huntcell 12-Sep-18
Korey Wolfe 12-Sep-18
From: Huntcell
Drew Montana Moose Unit 315 after like 18 year of applying I finally drew a Montana moose tag, in the year I retired, thanks Montana.

this triangular shaped moose unit 315 is located in southwest Montana with the north boundary being the interstate between Bozeman and Livingston and the east boundary the Yellowstone river and the south and west boundary is primarily the Bozeman creek area. It is part of elk & deer units 314,301 and 311 for reference as most are not too familiar with moose units and as this unit has only allocated 2 tags per year. Montana is extremely generous with the length of the season. I will be concentrating my efforts, late Sept.-early Oct., as the rut will have the moose up and about. Which should make it doable with archery and calling them in. the population is down from historic levels but is on the rebuilding upswing from what I read.

Anyone know of packers in the area? as lots of trail heads appear to be gated at the lower elevations. which will make for a long pack out on foot. Is Dry ice available in either Bozeman or Livingston? What is and where to buy the best bear spray?

from my weather app sure has not rained much in this area during the summer, is this normal for summer moisture or lack of and how are the water flows in the area.

This unit has two drainages that flow into the Gallatin River and four that flow into the Yellowstone River, Bozeman creek looks big enough, it must flow year round and and Eight mile creek in the south. One named Dry Creek that does not sound to promising. there is Bear creek, Limestone Creek, Pine creek and Sourdough creek to name a few, is anyone familiar with these in there hunting for elk or other wanderings? Do any or all of these creeks support good willow browse? My map app shows lots of what appear to be ponds though some look dry. And I see one lake, Mystic lake, that looks moosy to me.

If you have hunted or hiked or camped in these areas PM me, would like to talk. Seen any moose lately?

The lower elevation is mostly private so I can scratch that off unless some landowner would like a moose removed.

From: Korey Wolfe
Congrats on the tag and good luck on your hunt.

I'm almost positive Bozeman has dry ice.

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