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Tru-Tone Grunter-Chapter two
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Bowriter 12-Sep-18
walks with a gimp 15-Sep-18
From: Bowriter
Some might remember last year I was complaining because I lost my Tru Talker grunt call and a nice guy on here, sent me one. Well, I'm walking back to the truck this morning after pulling a stand and there that sucker lay. Still working, too. Now, if I could just find the lower half of my false teeth. Lost them two years ago on the same farm.

While deer hunting in '78 I first heard a buck grunt at another buck. There were 4 young bucks hanging together near me so I mimicked the grunt by drawing air in my throat quickly and the grunt I made sounded enough like what I heard, that they all came close in. I've been grunting them in ever since and I like the True Talker also but the Bone Collector sounds better and Is a bit louder if you want it to be. You don't have to shoot far if you know what to do with a grunt tube.

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