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Turkeys on a fence this morning!
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Ole Coyote 12-Sep-18
lewis 13-Sep-18
rooster 13-Sep-18
BigOzzie 13-Sep-18
From: Ole Coyote
Hi This morning I was bored so I went for a ride and about four miles from my house there is a 400 acre field and the owner of the field has it fenced in like you would see out west the X with a beam the another X for support! Son of a Gun I wish I had me camera but I did not , Sitting on the fence was a total of 42 hen turkeys , not worried about the traffic goibg by just hanging out on the fence, amazing site I almost messed my undies, lol!

From: lewis
Cool wish you had a camera that would have made a great picture Lewis

From: rooster
A couple of weeks ago, I was riding the motor cycle to work. This was just at dawn. The route I take follows the Maumee river. As I was coming up on a small corn field on the river side of the road, a large bird flew across the road. I thought maybe a Heron or eagle. Then a second came careening straight for me. A turkey! It landed just at the side of the road as I rode past. That would have been a drag had it hit me.

From: BigOzzie

BigOzzie's embedded Photo
BigOzzie's embedded Photo
A Jackleg fence?

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