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Same but different
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I have missed the last two years of elk hunting after 10 strsight and have always hunted the steamboat area OTC with varied amounts of success. Because of time constraints this year and a longing for elk hunting, my son and I paid for a drop camp in the Cortez Co area on a recommendation of a buddy of mine from Texas. We left florida Wed afternoon and drove straight thru 33 hours and arrived last night. Everything is drastically different, we are at 7000ft, no trees just these little junipers (I think). It's Hot, and doesn't look like the mountains. Now mind you I'm not complaining or an idiot, (may be subject for discussion at times) I expected different, I'm just surprised at how different. My son is with me and it will be great!!! So my question is how different do we hunt? How different do the animals act or react? as it feels like we can see for miles compared to 30 or 40 yards in the timber. Any insite will be great. Heading in this afternoon. PEACE!

Not too different, water may be more important. They may bed sooner, get up later. Lots of elk in the junipers and usually less hunters since it’s not as picturesque.

From: nmarchr
Elk are elk, hunting in the junipers will be easier physically, you can glass more, hear further, and move quicker. Good luck to you!!

From: md5252
Not to sound like a jerk but why didn’t you do a little research on the area?

Anyway, I’d try to get up high and glass early and maybe concentrate on water if it’s dry. Good luck

In the last 24 months I moved my family my business and two teenage family friends across the country, my business doubled in size and if I hadn't already paid for this I wouldnt have even drove across. I'm grateful now that I have. As crazy as it sounds I hanvt had 10 min of extra time in the last 2 years. In the past I'm the guy with all the prep work done, maps in place, trailer packed 30 days in advance. Like I said I knew it would be different but the visual was shocking! PEACE and Great hunts to all

From: eddie c
my family and i was in Cortez last year. found out some of the restaurants are closed on Sunday except for fast food or bars. one little family restaurant was open and had great food. can't remember the name of it. if you get a chance to site-see, Mesa Verde NP is close by. good luck and be safe.

From: beemann
Good for you sometimes you just gotta wing it . If we wait till we are ready it may get away on us....

From: Z Barebow
Deer hunted a very similar area a couple weeks back. Elk were spotted in them. My suggestion is to find water, be up at first light on opposite hillside and glass. They easily show up when moving in junipers.

From: LINK
If you don’t like the junipers head 45-60 minutes north of Cortez and you’ll be in country similar to what you see around steamboat. Elk are where you find them.

Let the sign and elk tell your how to hunt them. Most of all have fun and make memories with your son .

From: RutnStrut
OP, I'm no help to your questions but. It sounds like you are working your ass off to provide a good life for you and yours. I hope you and your son have an awesome hunt and you enjoy what sounds like some much needed downtime.

From: PeteO
my friend hunted that type of terrain last year after years in the mountains. He said they where there. He shot a beautiful bull.

From: Franklin
I am of the...."just hunt" way of thinking. I can adapt to any situation and any time in ANY woods beats the couch. Tons of elk are killed in this type of terrain. Drop camps are fairly inexpensive and are usually in areas where elk are at. Your friend recommended this trip for a reason....I don`t see a downside. I prefer to ambush elk in this terrain....get to where they are heading and be ready. No need to chase them all over the countryside.

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