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KUIU service-first class
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glidingindian 18-Sep-18
glidingindian 18-Sep-18
Trial153 18-Sep-18
Bou'bound 18-Sep-18
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Barrera 20-Sep-18
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jdee 26-Sep-18
Had a KUIU Icon 7000 for years, many great trips and memories. Returned from Colorado 2 weeks ago from an archery mule deer hunt and for the first time ever forced to check my pack (American air). I removed my optics and let them check it. On arrival the frame was broken. With a trip of a lifetime AY moose archery float hunt coming up next week I figured buying a new pack my only option and started looking. At the same time I sent a photo of the broken frame to KUIU ( before I knew of the tragic loss of Jason Hairston) to ask if there was a quick fix or could I just buy an old pack. To my surprise Tim Ruiz of Warranty Services told me my pack was covered and a new one was on the way in time for my hunt. It arrived today. Had a similar experience with Badlands once, grateful as hell there are people in the outdoor world who walk the walk.

Am a Sitka fan as well, less experience with them but multiple pieces. Love em

From: Trial153
Wish I could say the same about my Kuiu CS experiences. which flat out sucked.

From: Bou'bound
Just had a great experieNce as well on them sending a replacement ultra 6000 pack buckle after a hunt in BC

From: Deertick
Good to know. Just noticed cracks in buckle on icon pro belt on elk hunt. I really like the pack.

From: Amoebus
Good to hear. I have an Icon Pro with the Velcro peeling off the shoulder straps and one of the metal hooks is bending. I was going to call on the day that Jason died but thought that was the least of their problems. Might call tomorrow.

From: Barrera
Almost bought a Kuiu pack as I like thier clothing. Decided to buy a kifaru pack and cant wait for it to arrive.

From: elkstabber
I found Kuiu's customer service to be lacking honesty.

From: jdee
I’ve sure seen better CS. The girl got the job done but was about as friendly and informative as a tree trunk . I had some questions but with her one word answers then silence figured I wouldn’t bother any longer.

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