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1st timer. can I get a clue?
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wolf 19-Sep-18
skipmaster1 19-Sep-18
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Franklin 19-Sep-18
Jims 19-Sep-18
From: wolf
Hey everyone, I am new to the turkey scene and need a little push in the right direction. I live in the southern half of Colorado, and want to head out for turkey hunting. I have done some research but I can only do so much reading before I go cross eye'd. I need experienced data. where do I start when it comes to finding these beasties? what terrain is prime? etc... thanks

From: skipmaster1
I'm not sure how to locate birds where you are but we were elk hunting in the San Juans last September and we saw turkeys everywhere. Every little meadow/ park had them.

From: smarba
Yeah...but you were ELK hunting and saw a lot of TURKEYS. We all know when you go looking for TURKEYS you'll see a lot of ELK...LOL

Here in NM I look for wet meadows, oaks, stream bottoms with greenery and insects. Higher elevations in the summer/fall, lower elevations in the spring. Anyplace with mud look for tracks.

From: Franklin
Ask around....Turkey`s are not like Elk or Muledeer….people are usually more than willing to cough up information and secret spots. Local bow or gun shops....taxidermists ….wildlife concession trail hands etc.

From: Jims
You will probably need to narrow down the area you plan on hunting to get very detailed info? Are you hunting Colo? Mtns, foothills, east of I25 river bottoms? The technique for hunting turkeys varies considerably depending upon the area you intend on hunting. Also, do you plan on hunting private land or heavily hunted public land? Are you hunting fall or spring turkeys? Things change dramatically between seasons!

As an example, mtn merriams tend to roam foothills and mtns in Colo. They may be in one area one day and 2 miles away the next depending upon snow, water, feed, hunting pressure, etc. There can be a heck of a lot of country to cover with few turkeys?River bottom rios or rio-hybrids may roost in the same tree nearly year-round.

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