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Dries Visser Safaris 2018 Hunting Videos
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DVS 21-Sep-18
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The long wait is over....Dries Visser Safaris is ready to share with you 2018 greatest hunts. Some shots are perfect, some are not so great. Each hunter has his own story to tell and memories to share. Enjoy these videos with us....

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Our next video, for our fellow bowhunters to enjoy. DeVane and his wife Kathy was first timers to Africa and decided to combine the trip with a Safaris as well as a hunt. DeVane managed to get some amazing trophies. Have a look at how it went down.

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Couples who hunt together, stays together. And there is no better way to start your marriage, than going hunting for your honeymoon! Thank you Carl and Katie Herber for letting us share this amazing experience with the world!

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