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2 days to getr' done - OTC Elk - archery
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jordanathome 21-Sep-18
wilhille 21-Sep-18
jordanathome 21-Sep-18
Bake 21-Sep-18
LUNG$HOT 21-Sep-18
Z Barebow 21-Sep-18
HUNT MAN 21-Sep-18
mn_archer 21-Sep-18
Treeline 21-Sep-18
Glunt@work 21-Sep-18
Lovehunt11 21-Sep-18
Ucsdryder 21-Sep-18
ElkNut1 21-Sep-18
From: jordanathome
Heading out of the office to run home, grab my crap and head to the mountains. I bought an OTC any elk archery tag yesterday and am going to see if I can getr' done and fill one this year after 11 some odd years of not getting it done. At least the weather is cooling off finally! To all my BS brothers and sisters still scrambling to fill their tags this weekend.......Best of LUCK!!!!

I am still so sore from packing out other's kills.......not sure why I think I am ready for this.....LOL I hate me.

From: wilhille
I hope you "hate" yourself a little more before Monday! Good luck and kill a big one!!

From: jordanathome
I keep chanting, first legal elk, first legal elk. Not picky.

From: Bake
Good Luck Jordan!

May the elk gods be with you! Good luck bro.

From: Z Barebow
I was just thinking about your hunt. Keep at it. In the immortal words of Bluto. "When the going gets tough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the tough get going!"

Hope this is your weekend. That’s what it takes going every time you get a chance. Be aggressive . September only comes once a year. Hunt

From: mn_archer
You got this Jordan. Think good thoughts buddy

From: Treeline
Good luck, Jordan!

Have a deer and elk tag myself and have had no time to hunt for deer or elk this year.

Will get in from out of the country to Denver tonight around 11 PM and make the 3 1/2 hour drive to get home. Load up and should have just enough time to get to one of my spots by sunrise!

From: Glunt@work
Sitting in the woods right now. Really slow the last two days in a spot that was producing action all season. Lots of hunts end amazing at the last minute, good luck!

Good luck all of you

From: Ucsdryder
It’s been a hell of a year so far. Going up to hopefully help a buddy close the deal!

From: ElkNut1
Good luck sir, you deserve it, stay positive, good things can happen!


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