Anyone try this for BH target
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Was wondering before I spend well over $100 has anyone ever used the xtra large Cherokee Magic Fix foam target repair kit to make a target? I'M guessing all one has to do is build a box form line it with plastic sheeting and fill with mix. Or are there other better sources for heavy weight density foam that will work well for a DIY foam target

From: BowhuntKS
Might check around for blocks of styrofoam like used for docks. Stuff used to be pretty cheap. It gets a little messy as it wears out but it works.

From: benzy
Look into BLOB targets.

From: Franklin
You can by various weights/density of 2 part foam....check with taxidermy supply houses such as McKenzie or online.

From: TD
I have the monster size blob target, right near 200 lbs, but they have many sizes. It just keeps soaking up broadheads and actually gets better as it's being "broken in" as FPs are a bear to remove when it's new. I may not wear it out in my lifetime. It was expensive, shipping was a killer. But we brought a pallet of em over here. On the mainland shipping them is cheap..... free if I recall for some sizes.

Tell em those crazy guys in HI recommended them. Won't save you any money, but they'll get a kick out of it. I'm sure they remember us!

Love to buy some 2 part foam and have looked into it, but does anyone know for certain what weight foam I should buy and how much? and can you recommend a source for same? The reason I want to go with a DIY foam target is because unlike layered foam targets I can buy a repair kit for a solid foam target. I really like the idea of the Blob targets but I need any target I buy to be reasonably portable as I do most of my shooting at a private sportsmans club near my home. I shoot a lot and shoot broad heads ALLOT and can see most cheaper layered foam target failing to last a year and the price of most solid foam targets are for me cost prohibitive. I'm hoping for $200 I should be able to build a pretty good foam target, that I can repair and basically last for years.

From: TT-Pi
DMT- I think the trick is to make it long instead of square if you do use expandable foam and keep moving your aiming point. Repairs are easy enough with "Great stuff"

I have a large block of Polystyrene ( Styrofoam) and it is very difficult to remove arrows from.

This may not be a great portable target idea but : I also shoot broad-heads almost exclusively. With my setup, I can get through about 9 layers of cardboard. And then the arrow is just popping out so I have another stop just beyond my target. It's free. I put a piece of paper over the target (Change it as needed ) and that way you always know where you hit. Free.

From: keepemsharp
Boat dock foam is not a good idea. Arrows seem to "melt" it as they pass through and makes a mess, it does not heal.

From: Russell

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I have two of these American Whitetail Inc. targets. One for broadheads and one for field points.

Very good targets at a reasonable price.

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