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BowTech Limb Split - 1st Time for Me
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marktm250 22-Sep-18
jdee 22-Sep-18
From: marktm250
Holding at full draw with my BowTech prodigy and going thru my aiming sequence and I heard a craaack and the bow let off. At first I was confused and thought I had bumped my thumb release and fired prematurely. But the arrow was still nocked! I then put it back on the rest and noted the nock position was way high. Thought the loop or rest had slipped out of place. It was then that I noticed the crack in the lower limb with part of the cam bracket pulled out.

First time I ever had a bow fail on me and thankfully I was not injured in any way. Not knocking BowTech in anyway ... this is my third one. Off to the shop on Monday. The timing was good since I don't plan on hunting till Halloween.

From: jdee
Had that happen to me about 10 years ago but it was a Hoyt bow. Dealer sent it in and it came back like new.

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