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Elk Bugling from Wallow
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CO_Bowhunter 22-Sep-18
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From: CO_Bowhunter

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Bugling Bull
CO_Bowhunter's embedded Photo
Bugling Bull

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Picked up this footage yesterday. I had four responses to calling yesterday but no shot opportunities. I did finally see the largest 7x7 bull as he ran through a meadow. I wasn't sure if he was chasing cows or if he might have winded me. It was a thrill to finally see one of these monarchs with my own eyes. Today the wind was roaring with a lot of smoke in the air. The elk were not as vocal as the day before. I thought you'd appreciate this clip.

From: YZF-88
All of these videos are great.

From: Native Okie
You are the man, David. Love your videos!


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