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Dead Elk found Colorado
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badbull 23-Sep-18
Horn Donkey 23-Sep-18
JLeMieux 23-Sep-18
Basinboy 23-Sep-18
badbull 25-Sep-18
Adventurewriter 25-Sep-18
Bashful Pete 27-Sep-18
Bowfreak 27-Sep-18
Kodiak 27-Sep-18
KHNC 27-Sep-18
Destroyer350 27-Sep-18
From: badbull
If you lost an archery bull or know of someone that did, I found one and would be able to give exact coordinates to recover the antlers. It was apparently shot around mid-Sept in a unit beginning with a 6 (not 61) . I'm not giving the unit on an open forum to protect those that hunt there. Contact me to compare info if you think it might be yours...........badbull

From: Horn Donkey
TTT—-would love to see this come full circle.

From: JLeMieux
Doesn't sound like it was mine.

From: Basinboy
I was hoping JL

From: badbull
As the season is now over, I thought that l'd give this post one more chance..........badbull

If this fizzles out make sure you post pic curious...

From: Bashful Pete
I was told to look this post up. I will try and figure out how to dm. Thanks

From: Bowfreak
Go up to the first thread an click on "Private Reply" to the right of the date on badbull's post.

From: Kodiak
I hope it's yours Pete. That'd be pretty damn cool.

From: KHNC

KHNC's embedded Photo
KHNC's embedded Photo
We found a giant in Wyoming as well. From 2017 most likely. Looked like it was boned out and antlers left. Head was sawed off. Perfect condition, 330-340 class bull in a general unit.

From: Destroyer350
That is a stud bull KHNC. I dont think I have ever seen 3rds that small on a 6 point lol

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