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Fiberfletch fletching
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caribou 01 23-Sep-18
LostNwoods 23-Sep-18
bighorn 23-Sep-18
APauls 24-Sep-18
caribou 01 24-Sep-18
Zbone 24-Sep-18
krieger 27-Sep-18
From: caribou 01
Ok just discovered this newer product and I'm a little intrigued. Any one try fiber fletch yet? If so are the claims accurate of being faster, more quiet, durable etc.

From: LostNwoods
Interesting for sure

From: bighorn
never heard of it

From: APauls
Looks like it might sound like a tree full of leaves flying through the air.

From: caribou 01
Yeah it did look like it would possibly be pretty noise flying down range.

From: Zbone
Interesting concept... I shoot traditional stickbows and feathers, but might be usable between feather on rainy days if they don't mat down like feathers when soaked...

From: krieger
With that material, I'm guessing it's quieter than feathers. Looks interesting, I may have to try some. I will start with my turkey arrows, the ones I shoot the 125gr Magnus Bullheads with. They require 5" feathers to shoot with any consistency, looks like these provide drag for stabilization ( which is pretty much what all fletching does anyway ).

Not sure how they will work at compound speeds, but looks to be a no-brainer for the trad shooters. Fiber cloth is pretty tough stuff, with a minimal amount of adhesive, should be lighter that vanes, for more FOC. Thanks for posting.

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