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Sharpening expandable blades??
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wisconsinteacher 24-Sep-18
Scrappy 24-Sep-18
stick n string 24-Sep-18
Wayniac 24-Sep-18
Boatman71 24-Sep-18
woodguy65 24-Sep-18
I have been using T3 heads and had good success with them. They no longer make replacement blades for them, but I have 12 blades that are used. Is there a way to sharpen them? I have an AccuSharp and was thinking if I put them in a small vice I could get them back to shaving sharp. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks

From: Scrappy
I just use my little ceramic rod to touch up if their not nicked. I find that the steel is really easy to work with.

Im interested in this as well. Thanks scrappy. Hopefully more chime in....

From: Wayniac
I have used those & like them... when did they stop with the replacement blades? As Scrappy mentioned above - I think you'd be able to touch them up if not nicked.

From: Boatman71
I have a Lansky sharpening system and sharpen my own blades. Works well. Just make sure you put the correct angle on them.

From: woodguy65

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woodguy65's embedded Photo
Google "Stay Sharp" broadhead replaceable sharpening guide.

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