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Lone Wolf seat modifications
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Overland 24-Sep-18
Scrappy 24-Sep-18
Backpack Hunter 24-Sep-18
stagetek 24-Sep-18
DMC65 24-Sep-18
hightine 24-Sep-18
Overland 25-Sep-18
From: Overland
I have a Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber and love everything about it - except for the seat. During all-day sits it is extremely uncomfortable, and even for shorter sits it leaves a lot to be desired.

Has anyone had any success modifying the seat to make it more comfortable?

From: Scrappy
The best modification I've have found was going to a lone wolf assault hang on and sticks. Partly for the uncomfortable seat and being way more versatile a hunting system. Before I made the switch I bought a hunt comfort gel seat cushion which helped tremendously.

Not sure if they make one for the Assault, but I put a Silent Seat on a Sit and Climb and it was great.

From: stagetek
XOP makes a nice padded seat that will fit LW hang-ons. Not sure about the climbers.

From: DMC65
I hated the seat too. I'm not a heavyweight so I figured I could add a piece of 3/4 plywood to lengthen it and secure it with big zip ties. Adding 2 1/2 inches to it made a huge difference. I always pack a foam pad for whatever stand I'm in and with the added length and foam pad it's way more comfortable.

From: hightine
Sit and climb top with summit seat

From: Overland
Scrappy, the Hunt Comfort seat looks interesting. I'll probably get one to try. A hang on and sticks will not work for my style of hunting. I appreciate the tip on the Hunt Comfort seat.

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