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I’m sure it’s a fluke...
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JB 25-Sep-18
Franklin 26-Sep-18
Dan Mallia 04-Oct-18
BigOzzie 05-Oct-18
From: JB

JB's embedded Photo
JB's embedded Photo
Read this in our local (southern MN) paper. Looks like a great decision to eliminate bear hunting.

From: Franklin
Maybe the "bears" part was a typo.

From: Dan Mallia
Same here in California. Banned bear hunting with dogs, population has grown and so has encounters. Weird how that happened.

From: BigOzzie
I have seen a similar thing happen when a relied on food source does not produce in any given year. Here the bears rely on the berries in the fall. If the berry crop is lacking, the bears end up in town, tossing garbage cans and eating fruit trees.


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