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I have been fighting persistent pain for a long time. I was at the point where walking or carrying a bow was no longer fun. I am fighting back this year. I had a hip replaced in the end of February and have been doing PT since then. I walked two miles on the treadmill this morning . Last night I pulled my bow back without pain but I felt a little stiff. I am wrestling with bow hunting this year. I will be severely handicapped but I don't have to shoot a deer. What would you do?

Only you can decide that but if you’re “wrestling with bow hunting” I’d wait until you’ve decided if you really want to.

Keep up the rehab and good luck! C

From: Scar Finga
Take it slow, ask your doctor for advise and then follow it. Keep putting in the work to get better and then go have some fun. If you want to get out in the woods, try using a camera this year, very little weight and you might get some great photos out of the experience.

Good luck!


From: CPAhunter
Find a partner, i.e. kid, nephew, grandchild whatever. Teach him/her your knowledge while they carry the physical load.

I was too little when my grandpa died and my other "older" family members either died too young, had no interest, or were busy with the whiskey bottle. I'd have pushed them out there in a wheelchair just to hang out in the woods or on the edge of a field in a blind. Tomorrow never comes!

I wanted to check in. My decision was made for me by my travel schedule. I didn't hunt.... much. I bought my bow tag and sat in the woods a few times . I had the illusion of hunting while enjoying watching the animals . Rifle season is coming up and I have friends to help me drag if needed.

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From: Zim
CPA x2. I've realized in recent years how much I enjoy seeing others succeed while still being part of the process.

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